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From Wawel Castle and the surrounding Gothic churches in the Old Town to the countless museums and galleries, Krakow is fast becoming one of Eastern Europe’s most visited cities. It is also home to a range of fabulous restaurants serving both local and international dishes, so whether you’re in the mood for homemade Polish dumplings or a juicy steak, there’s no shortage of options to be had in and around the city center. The city of Krakow is home to a huge variety of restaurants, so find below the top spots for your next culinary adventure and where to eat in Krakow.

Milk & Co

Diners looking for a seafood feast will love Milk & Co conveniently located in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow. This restaurant is close to the medieval market square and Wawel Castle making it the perfect choice for a relaxing meal after a day of sightseeing. Milk & Co is famous for free style menu which is created and daily and occasionally lasts for a few weeks or just a few days.The creative chefs dream up a new culinary adventure each month that could see you trying anything from Mexican cuisine to daring flavor combinations like BBQ meats and strawberries. There is also an extensive a la carte menu to suit all tastes, and all the dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients taken right off of Krakow's food markets.

Radisson Blu Krakow restaurant Milk & Co

Grande Grill

As one of Poland’s first ever steakhouses, few places in Krakow takes its meat as seriously as Grande Grille. Since 1999 it has prided itself in sourcing beef from local farmers in order to plate up the city’s best and most succulent cuts of beef. The stylish interior features wooden furniture and cowhide chairs, whilst the outdoor area is decorated with plants, pots and wooden beams – perfect for a chilled out lunch on a summer’s day. As you’d expect, the menu is steak-tastic and covers everything from traditional T-bone and rib-eye steaks to cuts of roe-deer meat, lamb cutlets and mutton sausages. Burgers, seafood and vegetarian dishes are also available, as well as a range of soups and salads.

ribeye steak on cutting board Grande Grill in Krakow

Pod Aniolami

Located just off the Old Town’s Market Square, Pod Aniolami can easily be missed due to its rather small and discreet entrance. Inside, however, it opens up into a spacious restaurant divided into several small rooms within this medieval cellar. The 13th century building was previously full of goldsmith workshops, but today houses one of Krakow’s most alluring eateries. Candles and old hanging lamps create an intimate atmosphere, aided by the arched ceiling, old brick walls and rustic décor. Pod Aniolami means ‘Under the Angels’ and some people say that indeed, angels were once in the Gothic cellars. It features a selection of smoked meats including ham, sausages and loin, accompanied by various side dishes. Other specialties include grilled saddle of lamb marinated in vegetables and rosemary and served with roasted beetroot. A variety of Polish-style pork dishes are also available, whilst the dessert menu boasts their delicious signature homemade apple pie with egg liqueur.


Deciding on a restaurant in Krakow’s Old Town can often seem an impossible task; such is the density of eateries dotted around this charming area. If you find yourself wandering through the Market Square, however, then treat yourself to a few hours in Kawaleria. This Michelin star restaurant ranks among the city’s finest and offers traditional Polish dishes with a modern twist; all delivered with Michelin-star quality, flavor and presentation. The outdoor courtyard offers one of the most intimate dining experiences in the Old Town, with old brick walls draped in green leaves surrounding the small wooden candlelit tables – creating a truly romantic setting. Kawaleria is sure to delight your taste buds and provide for an unforgettable dining experience. One of the best thing about travelling to other places and visit new cities, is the food. With tasty Polish cuisine, Michelin stars restaurants and restaurants in medieval cellars, the food experience in Krakow makes for quite the exotic meals. To fully enjoy your culinary tour of Krakow, stay conveniently at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Krakow that gives you stylish yet comfortable accommodation right in the city center.

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