Eating Copenhagen: a round-up of international favourites

For those who live to eat, there's nothing more exciting than discovering a whole new culinary scene. Today on the Radisson Blu blog, we'll tell you why Copenhagen is the first port of call for a foodie-friendly holiday.

When it comes to European culinary tourism, Copenhagen is definitely flavour of the month. The city is home to Noma - one of the top rated restaurants in the world - and hosts more Michelin-starred eateries than any other Scandinavian capital. From fine dining to wholesome comfort food, the fanatical foodies at our Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen have rounded up their favourite picks.

For seafood: Kødbyens Fiskebar

Seafood is a Scandinavian staple, but this cool modern fish bar - owned by Anders Selmer, former sommelier at Noma - makes a statement by serving fresh, locally-sourced fish and shellfish in a former warehouse of Copenhagen's meatpacking district. It's best known for its raw bar, so pull up a stool and spend the day sampling Limfjorden oysters - they pair perfectly with a glass of the house bubbly.

For organic Italian delicacies: Mother

This restaurant’s Naples-style thin crust sourdough pizzas are the best in town. Recipes are authentically Italian, ingredients are the freshest available and wine comes directly from producers the restaurant knows by name. Though there are plenty of rich meats on the menu, Mother is pleasantly vegetarian-friendly, too. Start by sampling the rosemary-infused chickpea puree and creamy gorgonzola with honey, then order the Bufala pizza, a simple yet decadent expression of buffalo mozzarella combined with fragrant basil and a rich tomato base. 

For healthy fast food: Paleo

Culinary tourism doesn't have to mean adopting a diet heavy in butter and cream. When it's time for a serving of clean cuisine, turn to Paleo. Adhering to the principles of the diet it's named for, this restaurant serves dishes free from starch, dairy and refined sugar, crafting its menu only from fresh veggies and meat. Whether you're intrigued or baffled, try their smoothies, "meatzzas" (pizza with a base made from organic mince rather than traditional dough) and omelette wraps before you judge.

For a steak: Gourmandiet by Night

An artisan butcher shop by day, Gourmandiet morphs into a restaurant in the evening from Thursday to Saturday. The restaurant specialises in organic, free range steak available in every cut you can imagine - and maybe even a couple you haven't heard of. The meat is so tender and perfectly marbled, you might be tempted to skip the sauce, but you don't want to miss their rich organic Béarnaise. Another highlight of this hidden gem in the quiet residential neighbourhood of Østerbros is its biodynamic wine list, including an excellent selection of French reds that's priced very reasonably - at least, by Danish standards.

For fine dining: Restaurant Relæ

Relæ seems to hold its Michelin star in spite of itself. Owned and operated by staff who cut their teeth at the famous Noma, this restaurant aims to cut away all the pretension you'd usually find at a fine dining establishment. (As a result, dining here seems to be a "love-it-or-hate-it" experience.) Flavour combinations are intriguing - Gothenburg duck is served with bitter leaves and black tea - but we guess that's why they call it innovative neo-Nordic cuisine.


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