Sunshine at Brussels Summer Beach

Brussels Summer Beach people sitting and playing on the beach by the river with boats passing

Brussels doesn’t have to be all business! Get outside, get active and enjoy the sunshine at the urban Brussels Summer Beach by the river.

Brussels is a city known for culture, good chocolate and politics but there is another side to the city that will have you packing your swimsuits and caps at Brussels Summer Beach. Open from July 3 until August 9, this urban beach was created along the riverbank to give residents a place to holiday without leaving home. The sandy banks are packed with events, sporting areas, restaurants, kids’ playgrounds and, of course, people lapping up the sun. So if you are on a trip to Brussels for business or for a family vacation, make time for some sun, fun and good food.

Sand and sport in the sun

You don’t need an ocean to play beach volleyball and you don’t need a stadium to play football. The Brussels Beach has sporting opportunities for the active traveler and tournaments for sporting spectators. Get your shorts sandy as you dive and jump for The Beach Volley Tournament, or join a game of beach football. For those who enjoy sports where you don’t have to sweat, hire a table tennis table or get a group and play pétanque (also known as bocce or bowling). Summer is the perfect time to get out and active, so take advantage of the grounds at the beach.

Brussels Summer Beach, volleyball courts with people playing, bird's eye view

Family-friendly and fun

When on a trip with the family, the Brussels Summer Beach has you covered. Children absolutely love the beach, and this has all the sand they need and more. The Kid’s Zone is a place for endless imagination and enjoyment with places to climb, interact and play. There are mini ropes for acrobats, a sand wheel and a serpent kite that children can move through the air. For those a little older, get them on the Berg racetrack where they can zoom around on buggies and race their friends like in The Fast and the Furious.

Brussels Summer Beach, volleyball courts with people playing, bird's eye view

Brussels Summer Beach, kid's zone car buggies, go carts, race track with kids driving

See the city from the river

Brussels by Water offers visitors a different perspective of the city, taking them along the rivers on boat cruises. There are trips to suit every schedule all with a great views of the city. Take a guided cruise, including drinks and music, with work friends, or take the family on a short sightseeing tour. Perhaps you want a ride through the locks or see the Brussels Port. The best way to combine a day at the beach and a trip along the river is to hop on one of their Summer Cruises leaving from Brussels Summer Beach.

Brussels Summer Beach, Brussels by water cruise around the river with people

A movie night with the sand at your feet

A few nights in the summer, visitors and locals get together to share an outdoor movie with their feet in the sand. Galeries set up film nights at the sporting grounds and everyone is invited. Check out their website for screening times and also other screenings during the l’heure d’été Film Festival. Get that old school feeling of seeing a great production with the sky as your ceiling as the fresh summer air wraps itself around you.

Brussels Summer Beach Galeries movie on the beach event

Brussels Summer Beach people on beach chairs with children playing in the showers

Let the sun soak into your skin as you enjoy the sand between your toes at this urban beach by the river. These shores are sure to have you smiling, as will the friendly staff at Radisson Blu, when you head back to your suite for a great night’s sleep.

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