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Ever been to a house made of mirrors? If you haven’t then it’s about time. Stop by the Mirror House in Kuwait for an art experience like no other. Chances are that your street has one house that stands out from the rest, either unique by its shape, form or color. In the Qadsiya neighborhood of Kuwait there’s no doubt about which house is the most eye-catching of them all; the Mirror House. But what is it exactly? We asked the house resident and creator, Lidia Qattan. “It was created to save the house from being destroyed by termites and to counteract [its] deterioration. Today, the house is a unique work of art, born out of necessity,” Lidia tells us.

Mosaics all around

It all started in 1972, when Lidia’s young daughter Jalila scribbled on the walls of the house. To prevent her from using the entire house as a canvas, Lidia installed wooden panels on the walls and covered them in mirrors. She had covered a piece of furniture in mirrors some years earlier and her husband, Khalifa Al-Qattan’s, reaction inspired her to do it again. And by the end of 1979 the entire house was covered in these mirrors mounted on panels.

“Then I discovered that the wooden panels were being eaten by termites. This meant I had to remove the panels and redo all the work but this time I did it all in mosaic patterns. As a result, every room of the house is now covered in mosaics, from the low corners to the high ceiling, and it is truly unique,” Lidia says.

“Nothing could have prepared me for the inside of Lidia's home. It's stunning, unique and very eclectic. Combined with the wonderfully warm welcome we received, it became one of the most interesting places I visited during my tour of the Middle East.”

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Walk through a work of art

But it isn’t just the inside of the house that is covered with mosaics. The outside of the Mirror House is just as beautiful. Stars, planets, butterflies and calligraphy cover the walls and entrance area, preparing you for what awaits within.

“It is an experience, both intellectually and spiritually, but also very entertaining. The combination of mosaics, artworks and each room’s uniqueness makes it special,” she says.

If you want a guided tour and to meet Lidia herself, you can call ahead to book your visit. She will be more than happy to guide you through her home. In addition to the mosaic rooms there is also a gallery exhibiting artworks by both Lidia and her late husband Khalifa, a renowned Kuwait artist. The Mirror House is something you cannot afford to miss when visiting this exciting city.

A two hour tour with the charming Mrs Lidia Al Qattan will soothe your soul and open your mind with some deep thinking about life and universe. A tour that takes you deep into the ocean and high up into a supernova. This enormous piece of work is matched only by Lidia's hospitality. Her cinnamon tea is out of this world.

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If you need help arranging a visit or transportation, our Radisson Blu Hotel, Kuwait reception staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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