Epic experiences at Tallinn´s Maritime Museum

Tallinn Maritime Museum - interior of The Estonian Maritime Museum at Seaplane Harbor

Want to be wowed in your next visit to Tallinn? The Estonian Maritime Museum at Seaplane Harbor is your first stop! It is an experience that will blow you out of the water! You may be here on business, or with the family or friends, but regardless of your company you need to stop by and check out the coolest museum in town. Don’t just take our word for it, see it for yourself:

What to see inside

Inside this century old hangar, you will find the Estonian Maritime Museum. As soon as you step inside your eyes are sure to rise to the ceiling to check out the magnificent submarine suspended in the air. The authentic Lembit from 1936 is a main attraction, as well as the Short 184 seaplane and the Maasilinn shipwreck, which is the oldest sunken ship found in Estonian waters. Among the big guns, you can walk around sail ships, boats, underwater mines, a play area and much more.

What to see outside at the port

Head outside and you will come across the Suur Tõll, a 100 year old icebreaker ship anchored at port for your entertainment. Not only is this a cool ship to walk around, you can hire it out for events and play captain! You are welcome to check out the officers’ mess, engine and boiler rooms, captain’s cabin and other exhibits below deck on one of the world’s most powerful icebreakers. The port itself is also full of life and perfect to walk around on a sunny day.

A maritime moment with the family

When traveling with your beloved little ones, Seaplane Harbor Museum is an absolute must-do. When you step inside this huge hangar, their faces are sure to light it up. Not only because there is a huge ship suspended from the ceiling, or because there are planes and bombs, an aquarium and submarines, but because this is not your average red rope, no-touch museum. This is a place to play, explore, learn and best of all get involved. Let them steer a ship, fly a plane and shoot with simulators, climb, sail, draw and more. Don’t wear yourself out trying to keep the kids entertained on your trip, do something cool and let the guys at Seaplane Harbor take the wheel.

Interesting business events

Enjoying a trip to Tallinn on business, or looking for a place to host your next corporate event? This is your first port of call. The hangar itself provides seemingly endless space for big corporate gatherings and the museum even rents out the Suur Tõll, for seminars. Gala dinners, concerts standing receptions and team building events are welcome. Make sure your event is remembered and choose somewhere spectacular to host it.

What’s on at the museum?

Throughout the year, the museum welcomes locals and visitors to come in and join a Maritime Forum to discuss and learn about important issues. They are mostly held in English and are free to attend. If you are interested in the icy landscapes of the Arctic or want to catch a famous author present, then these are the forums to attend. There are also family events like movie showings and Family Sundays which are well worth joining. Check out their calendar of events and see if there is something on when you are in the city.

Tallinn Maritime Museum - interior of The Estonian Maritime Museum at Seaplane Harbor

© Seaplane Harbor / Estonian Maritime Museum

When it is time to refuel

The ancient vessels in the museum may not need fueling but hungry museum-goers certainly do and that is where Café Maru comes in. Whether you have a museum ticket or not, you are welcome to grab a great meal and enjoy the view of the gigantic museum as you eat. The cuisine here is a mix of Estonian and Scandinavian and you can have the café cater for events. There is an outdoor terrace that seats 100 guests, perfect for events in the summer.

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