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Top - Alexander Matukhno - Attend Reykjavik's Iceland Airwaves festival to hear the best new music the world has to offer

Great new music + the fantastic country of Iceland - could it get any better? Experience Iceland Airwaves festival for a glimpse of up-and-coming bands and a festival feeling you won't get anywhere else. Every fall Reykjavik's music scene is booming as Iceland Airwaves introduces the world to fantastic undiscovered talent as well as famous bands. What started as a airplane hangar party has become one of the premier showcases for new music. The Radisson Blu Saga Hotel is a perfect base to explore the next big thing in music, located only a short walk away from the festival venues of this 5-day music bonanza.

Alternative = mainstream

Sure, you might be making your way to Iceland for it's jaw-dropping nature but make no mistake, it's music scene is one you don't take lightly. Iceland Airwaves has been at the forefront of promoting new music for over a century, boasting a wide repertoire of bands on their lineup throughout the years. Bands like Kraftwerk, Django Django, Hozier and Fatboy Slim are just some of the many that have performed at the festival.

Their stages have also played host to Icelandic powerhouses like Björk and Sigur Rós, who's vocals and sounds have amazed music lovers around the world, but has also provided upcoming Icelandic bands with a platform to be discovered by. If you've never heard Icelandic rap, pop or electronica before, then now is the time!

Chasing the experience

It is not without reason that David Fricke of Rolling Stones magazine named Iceland Airwaves "the hippest long weekend on the annual music-festival calendar". The festival truly is a great place to put on your Viking hat and get down. Where you might be chasing the lineup at some festivals, Iceland Airwaves has you chasing the experience. As Reykjavik transforms into a city-wide festival of music, art, fashion and fun, you're in for a treat. Most of the venues are within stumbling distance from each other and include cafe's, barber shops and famous landmarks like Fríkirkjan and Harpa Concert Hall.

If you're thinking that the festival only attracts the international hipster scene then you're off by a mile. Airwaves has sold 9,000 tickets in previous years, where close to half are sold to locals alone. Even more locals flock to the off-venue free performances that take place throughout the 5-day festival. So not only will you get to experience bangin' new beats but you can make some new Icelandic friends at the same time. Which is something you can never get enough of!

No reason to be blue

In addition to finding your new favorite band while experiencing riveting Reykjavik, you can make your way to the Blue Lagoon Chill party. Yes, you read that right - Iceland Airwaves also features a very own party in the world-famous powder blue pool. Cure your morning-after worries with a festive time in the naturally heated pool.

Have you booked your tickets to Iceland Airwaves yet? If not, then you should get going as the festival is usually sold out well in advance. But if you can't get tickets you can still enjoy the many off-venue performances and explore all that Iceland has to offer, such as hunting the Northern Lights or sampling some historic Icelandic dishes. Whatever you end up doing - it is going to be fantastic!

Top image © Alexander Matukhno​ / Iceland Airwaves

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