Experience the Ottoman Majesty of Cesme Castle

A holiday to the charming Turkish harbour town of Cesme offers more than just sandy white beaches to relax on. The thriving town is home to lots of cafes and restaurants, shops and markets, as well as fantastic attractions for sightseers, while the sparkling Aegean Sea gives adventurers the chance to take part in water sports.

Rising majestically over picturesque Cesme is its most stunning and important architectural landmark, Cesme Castle.

Cesme Castle

Built over 500 years ago by Ottoman ruler Beyazit II, Cesme Castle is a beautiful place to explore the history of Cesme. The structure was recently restored to its Ottoman grandeur, and even from the outside the walls and turrets, delicately sloping uphill, are an impressive sight. Inside, the sandy coloured stone holds a number of treasures.

Cesme Castle houses two museums, one with artefacts from the Ionian city Erythrai (Ildir), and the other a naval museum. This has a collection of relics from the 3 day naval war between the Ottomans and Russians fought by Cesme in 1770. Strolling around the castle courtyards will also bring you in contact with tombstones and other historical objects, such as sculpture, urns, and ancient weaponry, as well as beautiful plants and trees.

A climb to the top of the stairs at either side of Cesme Castle rewards visitors with amazing panoramic scenes of Cesme and the Aegean Sea.

Explore Cesme

The magnificent Cesme Castle isn’t the only jewel in the crown of this area. Cesme itself is a charming place to stroll around and enjoy a taste of Turkish life. The town has a great selection of restaurants serving authentic Turkish and international food, as well as cafes offering the famous Turkish treat, Turkish coffee.

Cesme makes a great destination for a relaxed shopping trip, as a variety of shops make their home in the town. Visitors can browse shops of local craft, such as jewellery, leather, rugs and other textiles, as well as souvenir shops for special keepsakes. On Sundays, the town is home to a weekly bazaar of market stalls filled with local, exotic goods.

Near to Cesme are the white sandy beaches and clear, warm waters of Ilica Bay. The beach is the best in the area, and is a perfect place to while away the sunny hours with a good book. If you’re not a fan of sunbathing, then take part in water sports around the Ilica Bay area, such as booking in to windsurfing lessons.

For a memorable day trip from Cesme, take a local ferry to the attractive Greek island of Chios. The fifth largest of the Greek islands, Chios is home to a number of fantastic museums, castles and pretty towns. It also boasts a good selection of restaurants and taverns serving Greek food and drink.

Where To Stay In Cesme

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Cesme, makes a gorgeous beachfront base for a holiday to Cesme. Guests can unwind by our sparkling pools, and enjoy delicious meals and cooling drinks at one of our onsite bars and restaurant. A highlight of a trip to our Cesme hotel at Ilica Bay is the tranquil Dulcis Thermal Spa and Hamman, featuring treatment rooms, an indoor pool with jet streams, thermal pools, authentic hammans, saunas and a modern fitness centre.

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