Experience the real Africa in Maputo Special Reserve

If you're Mozambique-bound then you don't want to miss out on a trip to Maputo Special Reserve. We got an insider's look into the unique reserve from Pedro Fonseca.


Fonseca is one of the administrators and owners of Mabeco Tours. They offer travelers a wide range of activities in both Mozambique and the surrounding countries. If you’re looking for a cultural visit, beach programs or safaris they are ready to assist you. Naturally, Pedro is the perfect guy to talk to about the experiences the reserve can offer.

A unique experience

One of the tours they can take travelers on is a trip to Maputo Special Reserve, formerly known as Maputo Elephant Reserve, located a two to three hour drive from our Radisson Blu Hotel, Maputo. Pedro often takes guests out onto the reserve and tells us a wonderful landscape awaits.

"The reserve is a unique place and one of the few reserves where bush meets beach. The landscape is always changing and is covered in huge grass fields, sweet water lagoons that you can barely see the end of and giant dunes covered with vegetation," he says.

"It is an astounding landscape that will blow your mind with every kilometer you venture inside."

If you join one of their trips to the Maputo Reserve you'll be treated to a variety of wildlife, from antelopes, zebras and blue wildebeests to giraffes, elephants, hippos and astonishing birdlife.

"During one day you can go on a safari to experience the wildlife and later go for a refreshing swim in the Indian Ocean. At night we camp near a lagoon and have a great time with locally made dishes and refreshing drinks while enjoying some guitar music by the campfire. As we go to sleep we can hear the local hippo "singing his songs". It's a great experience," Pedro tells us.

"Our camp is one of my favorite spots in the reserve. We always have a great time when we're in this magical place," he adds.

The real Africa

The Maputo Special Reserve is the home of close to 200 African elephants, which may be tricky to find without a guide who knows the area. But when you find them you might see things you'll never forget.

"One of my favorite memories from the reserve is when I saw a baby elephant rolling around in a local mud pool. He was playing and enjoying himself like he had no worries at all. It was great."

A promise of spotting elephants in the wild, safaris and untouched landscapes is just one of many reasons why Pedro says Mozambique is a country worth visiting.

"It is a country with great potential. The shores of the Indian Ocean are just stunning, and with 2,515 kilometers of coastline there are plenty of places to explore. It's quite an underdeveloped country still and there are parts where people have never seen a car before. I think Mozambique is definitely the place to go for a feel of the "real Africa"."

Thanks Pedro!

If you're considering a trip to this East-African country, you can rest assured that you'll be rewarded with jaw-dropping landscapes and fantastic experiences in the wild. If you want to learn more about both Mabeco Tours and Mozambique, you can check out their Facebook page as well as their website.

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