Explore the outdoors in Mid-Norway

Enjoy an active holiday in a perfect location to access all the best fishing, city life, activities and more when in Mid-Norway.

Trondheim and its surrounding areas in Mid-Norway are part of the lush green Trøndelag region decorated with rivers of blue and monumental fjords. This area is a haven for fishermen looking to grab a bite fresh from the water. It’s also the perfect place for getting active with plenty of outdoor activities available. So hire a boat, join a trip, kayak or take a stroll and enjoy the sunshine.

Deep sea fishing the fjords

Trondheim’s Fjord is a perfect place to catch yourself some gilled food of the deep sea variety. The fjords and surrounding waters are often protected from the ocean by small islands, meaning you can enjoy calmer waters and still hook enormous fish. Boats are for hire along most of the coastline here. If you drive or take the train a little further north, you can purchase a guided fishing trip, hire out boats and all the gear you need to have a successful day on the water with Skarnsundet Fishing.

The best salmon fishing spots

From all across Europe, visitors come to Norway to fish for some of its famous salmon. When staying in Trøndelag, you will have access to some of the best fishing spots in the country including the Gaula River and Stjørdal River. The Gaula River in Valdøyan is an hour’s drive from the airport and offers beautiful green scenery and a river jumping with fish. From June through until the end of August you can wade out into the shallows and hook yourself some fresh dinner. If looking for a place a little closer, then Stjørdal River is only 15 minutes away and is Trøndelag’s fishing pot of gold. With over 85km of river, this is like a salmon highway, promising to provide you with a few big ones. Have your fishing rods at the ready and enjoy some of Norway’s delicious red-fleshed fish.

A view from the river

In the summer and spring, Trondheim is a city full of green, wrapping itself around the crystal-like river glinting in the sunlight. Nidelven is the main river and flows through the center of the city out into the fjord. To discover the city from the water, book yourself a kayak trip with Trondheim Kajakk. Get a different perspective, as you float past colorful wooden houses dipping their feet in the water. Choose from a day or sunset trip and organize a tour for you and the family, or use this as team building when in Trondheim for business. If looking for something a little faster, contact Crazy Coyote and order a trip on their RIB speedboats. These boats go up to 50 knots and are great for adrenaline seekers and those in want of some extreme team building.

Sightseeing from the streets

Stepping through the city will send you through cobbled streets and colorful wooden buildings. Cafés, shops and a magnificent cathedral beg for your attention as you wander along historical and culture filled walkways. There is much to learn about this Norwegian city so if you are interested in a little history coupled with your walk, then join a guided tour and let the enthusiastic and well-versed locals take you around. For a little more nature focused tour, gear up and head out into the wilderness with Nature Tours. The guides will teach you some tricks of the wild while teaching you Norwegian culture.

Explore the Trøndelag region in Mid-Norway by getting outside and active. With endless sun in the summer and beautiful and diverse nature, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Stay at the convenient Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport and enjoy access to all the region has to offer.

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