Exploring Germany by Bicycle

Rhine river

Cycling is healthy and environmentally friendly and just a lot of fun! Especially in Germany, the hot new trend is to explore the country by bicycle. Whatever your taste in cycling, you can be sure to find it on 200+ bicycle routes covering over 75,000km of the country: from traversing the Alps, hitting the tourist spots in the cities or just taking a romantic trip through the countryside. To help you choose which route to take for your next fun trip on two wheels, we’ve put together 3 of the best for you. So, hop on your bike and let’s hit the road…

Elbe River Route - sea, natural beauty and cultural heritage

Just as the name suggests, the Elbe River route follows Germany’s second-biggest river, the Elbe. Survey results indicate it’s one of the country’s most popular bicycle routes. That’s most likely because of the variety it offers, from sea, to natural beauty, to cultural heritage. This route has it all, from the Wadden Sea near Cuxhaven, via the Hanseatic City of Hamburg to the UNESCO biosphere reserve, which lies between Lauenburg in Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony. Keep pedaling until you reach Dessau, home of the famous Bauhaus architecture, and on to Wittenberg, the city of Martin Luther. Last stop on the route is Dresden and the region known as Saxon Switzerland with its impressive mountain scenery. Take time out to relax en route in our three Radisson Blu Hotels, namely the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg, the Radisson Blu Prince Leopold Hotel in Dessau and the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dresden Radebeul.

Elbe river route

Route length: 860km

Don’t miss: Fortress of Lohmen, Hamburg harbor, Dresden: baroque old town, Elbsandstein mountains, Kiel Canal, UNESCO world cultural heritage sites: Lutherstadt Wittenberg, the Dessau/Wörlitz garden area, Bauhaus architecture and Masters’ Houses in Dessau

Route condition: flat, mostly paved roads and generally car-free

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Rhine Cycle Route – challenge your strength and staying power

The Rhine cycle route is long and can be broken down into five sections, each lasting a few days. That’s because only a handful of cyclists have the time and the stamina to navigate the entire route that spans 4 countries, starting in Andermatt (Switzerland), via Strasbourg (France), to Rotterdam (Netherlands) on the North Sea coast, despite all the highlights the route has to offer along the way. That’s why we’ve chosen our two favorite sections for you (sections 3 and 4): Freiburg to Mainz and Mainz to Cologne. There’s something for the foodies, like Rösti potatoes and Spätzle, a pasta-like speciality, and elegant wines, while culture lovers can delight in art museums, historic castles and famous landmarks such as the Loreley rock! Take time out to relax in the perfect setting of the Radisson Blu Hotel Schwarzer Bock, Wiesbaden, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Karlsruhe, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne or in one of our two properties in Düsseldorf.

Rhine river

Route length: 971km in Germany (total length: 1,233km)

Don’t miss: Strasbourg: cathedral, city of Speyer: cathedral, Mainz: Gutenberg Museum, UNESCO world heritage site Upper Middle Rhine Valley, Andernach: cold-water geyser, Drachenfels, Brühl: Augustusburg Castle, Falkenlust Castle, Cologne: Unesco world heritage site Cologne Cathedral, Düsseldorf: Media Harbor area

Route condition: mostly paved roads and generally car-free. Alpine sections are not suitable for children or bicycle trailers.

Cologne Cathedral

Berlin - Copenhagen Route - let’s visit the Little Mermaid

The Berlin-Copenhagen route takes you on a trip between two of Europe’s most vibrant cities, so get ready for a fun experience full of variety, lots of unspoiled natural beauty and many opportunities to swim or enjoy gourmet pleasures on your route through the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania regions and on to Denmark. As you pedal from Berlin to neighboring Denmark, take in the spectacular views and the beautiful scenery of the Ruppin lakes area of northern Brandenburg. The Rostock harbor view is a must-see before boarding the ferry across the Baltic to Denmark. A side trip to the Baltic beach resort of Warnemünde with its wide sandy beaches and quaint lighthouse is well worth it. To fully relax before starting your trip and before boarding the ferry to Denmark, we can recommend two perfect places for cyclists to put their feet up, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin and the Radisson Blu Hotel in Rostock.

Cyclists on grape mountain Germany

Route length: 971km in Germany (total length: 1,233km)

Don’t miss: Berlin, Oranienburg: castle and gardens, bicycle trolleys near Fürstenberg/Havel, Müritz National Park, Hanseatic City of Rostock: Monastery of the Holy Cross, Warnemünde beach resort, cliffs of Møns and Stevns, Copenhagen

Route condition: mostly paved roads, low volume of traffic. Danish section follows national bicycle route no. 9.

Stevns Cliffs Heritage site in Denmark

Cycle around beautiful Germany and park your bike at one of our Radisson Blu hotels!



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