Eyes on the prize in Gdansk

Grzegorz Tkaczyk in action during match PGNiG Superleague Man in handball between MKS Zaglebie Lubin - VIVE Tauron Kielce

In January, the best of the best will gather in Poland for the men’s European Handball Championship. In an impressive display of strength, technique and teamwork, they compete for the grand prize: being the European champions of 2016.

Whether you’re already a handball aficionado or just a sport fan in general, this tournament is definitely a good reason to visit the Polish city of Gdansk in the period of 15-31 January 2016. Kickstart the year by checking out impressive skills, tackles, twists and turns on the handball courts of Poland.

In the run for the grand prize

Handball EHF


The European Championship is certainly on the list of sporting events not to miss.. This tournament takes place every two year and is a qualifier for the Olympic Games and the World Championship, so it is truly a fight for the grand prizes. See some of the best handball skills displayed by favorites such as Sweden, Denmark, France and Croatia. Will France get their second win in a row or will another team rise to the occasion and steal the trophy?

Arenas of Poland

The best handball arenas are scattered all over Poland in the cities of Gdansk in the North and Wroclaw, Katowice and Krakow in the South. At the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, you’ll be able to see the preliminary rounds where the teams size each other up and work to get the best possible position for the main round. Check out the match list and schedule to make sure you get tickets to the best games before they’re sold out!

In it for the thrill


The reason many people are so fond of the sport is because it is so eventful. In between goals and hard-hitting tackles, you will get to see some mind-blowing skills, and the players are not afraid to show them off to the audience. On average, the teams will score between 50 to 60 goals in total each match. Even though backhands and trick shots do not earn the teams extra points, there is always an abundance of jaw-dropping moments. Another good reason to love the game is the physicality. This is the definition of contact sport, and both strength and agility play an important role to be the best of the best. Prepare yourself for raw power as the leading athletes meet on the court for unforgettable battles.

Feel the excitement



Since its origin in 1994, the European Championship title has been the dream of many teams and athletes. This year, 16 teams are in the running. Sweden has snatched the first spot in the medal table with their four gold medals with France and Denmark on their tail. Who will bring the trophy home this year? Put on your jersey and team scarf and paint your face in the team colors. Ready yourself for high-level action and nail-biting moments in the Polish arenas. Join the enthusiastic crowds and cheer on your favorite team in the running of becoming the next European Champions. After a long day of sweet agony and excitement, you can happily retire in your comfortable room at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Gdansk.

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