Family fun day out in East Midlands

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Get the family smiling, learning and laughing on an active family fun day out. We all want to make the best memories with the family so check out our top picks in East Midlands to make it happen.

A day with the family is always a popular one and the areas around East Midlands offer some excellent activities to get everyone smiling, learning and active. If you have a train lover, animal enthusiast, a rocket full of energy or young ones wanting adventure, you will find all you need in Derby and Nottingham.

Find your inner child at Famous Trains Model Railway

Have a young one fascinated by trains or are railways a secret passion of yours? Then the Famous Trains Model Railway is the place to be. Every little child’s dream is to see toys come to life, and that is what these trains do. Learn about railway history and see the trains chugger by perfectly intricate little houses and farms. The amazing engineering involved is as sophisticated as the detail given to the fields and towns these metal marvels roll past. This wonderful gem is right in the middle of Markeaton Park and is open on weekends, meaning the family can combine a day of trains with some fun in the park. The detail of these models is incredible; you will have to see it for yourself.

Great Central Railway Nottingham

If you want something a little more life-sized than model trains, the Transport Heritage Centre in Nottingham offers to take you on a train ride to remember. Head to their main station at Ruddington and check out their collection of historic buses and see the age old trains pull in and out of the platforms. Once having explored the area, it is time to take a ride. Get on a steam and diesel locomotive and experience a train ride from the past. The line will take you from the Ruddington station to Rushcliffe Halt, which is on the way back to the hotel.

Skate like it’s the 70’s at Roller World

An inexpensive day out filled with lights and the best disco music is waiting for you and the family at Rollerworld. This venue has the largest maple-floored skating rink in the UK and promises to get everyone active as the lights dance around the ground to the music. The Rollerworld DJ will mix up some great tunes to get everyone active but if you have a special song you would love to hear, just ask! The staff are friendly, picking up those who stumble, and giving tips to help you become pro. If you or the kids’ skills need a little brushing up, there is a smaller rink on the side for learners. For those wanting to sit it out and enjoy watching the kids play, enjoy some snacks or a meal at the bar with a view of the rink. Get the kids to try something new, they will love you for it.

Lanes Garden Centre Open Farm

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Children of all ages love to interact and play with animals, so they will thank you for taking them to the Lanes Garden Centre Open Farm. Here children can meet their favourite farm and household animals including lambs, chickens, pigs, goats, rabbits, donkeys and more. The open farm welcomes you to leave the children to play and enjoy a coffee and cake at the James Coffee Shop. Entrance to the farm is free but you may want to buy some feed from the farmers to give to your furry friends.

Adrenaline surges in the Jungle

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Get moving and head to The Adrenaline Jungle for some crazy cool activities like archery, blindfolded driving, paintball, laser tag and more. Test your skills as Robin Hood and make your way to the archery range, tackle the jungle Olympics dressed up as a sumo wrestler, or try your luck on the assault course as you and the kids scramble, swing, climb and cave as a team. Perhaps take the family off-road driving through the forest or squeeze in a game of paintball. If the family wants a day of action then this is a whole kingdom of fun.

And when winter hits choose Darley Park

Three young boys sledding downhill together

While luscious and green in the summer, this park is even more fun in the winter. If the kids want to get out and about, take them to Darley Park in Derbyshire. This is a hugely popular park just outside of Derby with wide open spaces and great hills for sledging, making snowmen and getting into snowball fights. If visiting in the summer, this is a wonderfully green playground full of trees and plants and flowers. Bike around, kick a ball and stop by the café for some treats.

The areas surrounding the Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midlands Airport are full of fun places promising to make you and the family smile. Young kids and teenagers alike can be entertained for days at all the great attractions and cities nearby the hotel.

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