Leave one wonderland for another with a family day out in Paris

Jump on the train and leave the wonders of Disneyland® behind for a day in Paris. Being so close to the magical city, it would be a shame to miss it.

Put away your Mickey Mouse ears for a day and explore the city of love, food and art. You could spend a whole week in Paris just discovering the metro art. So to make the most out of your day whether it be your first time or hundredth, here is a quick guide to Paris with the small ones.

Remedies for rumbling stomachs

We all know a day trip to Paris normally includes a trip up the Eiffel Tower. But once you have climbed the iconic metal building you will find yourself in a largely overpriced area of the city. If your stomach is rumbling on the way down, grab a delicious crêpe with Nutella and banana at the crêpe stall across the road near the bridge. With your crêpe in one hand take your camera in another, cross the bridge and walk up to the viewing platform at the top of the hill at Trocadéro.

If you are ready for some lunch and want something simple and filling, try Schwartz’s Deli behind Trocadéro. This American-style burger joint will serve you huge meals and fast. Don’t mind the line, once you have ordered, the food comes in a flash. Reenergize the kids with a milkshake and fries and enjoy a short break in this quiet side street.

Views without the queues

Paris Jardin des Tuileries - used for RB Disneyland

Depending on what time of the year and week you decide to head into the city, the lines for the Eiffel Tower could be as long as the tower is high. Another great way to get a view and see the city is to take a walk up to the viewing platform at the Arc de Triomphe. From here, the whole city is visible including the tower and you won’t have to participate in the battle of the tourist in the process.

The Avenue Champs Elysées is just below your feet and is a nice walk connecting you to the Jardin de Tuileries, a huge park in the center of Paris. Be sure to shield your hatchlings’ eyes as you wander past the giant McDonalds. You can grab a baguette and sit by the pond while the kids play, or continue a little farther and get some snaps in front of the Louvre.

Experience something different at Sacred Coeur Montmartre

Paris Place du Tretre - used for RB Disneyland

Get away from the majority of the crowds and visit this beautiful church overlooking the city. Tucked away behind this magnificent white building you will find the artists’ district. Here, artists (including Pablo Picasso during his time) come to paint and display their work in the square called Place de Terte. The atmosphere at Montmartre is a quiet buzz of paintbrush strokes and the coo of pigeons. Mix in the wandering footsteps of those strolling store to store and you have a lovely quiet afternoon as the sun sets. Ask the artists to paint your child as their favorite Disney character or just soak in the setting as you walk around. You may want to walk down to the metro station at Pigalle and pose in front of the Moulin Rouge. This area is however, largely dedicated to adult stores and entertainment, so you can skip this stop by catching the train at Abbesses if you don’t want to have to explain the birds and the bees.

Paris is a city to wear you out. So once you have seen as much as you can manage all you need to do is find the closest metro station and make you way back to the stop Chatelet les Halles, if you are in the center, or Charles de Gaulles – Etoile, if you are closer to the Arc de Triomphe. These stops match up with the RER A train and will take you right back to Radisson Blu Hotel Paris, Marne-la-Vallée for a sound night’s sleep.


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