Family Fun at Kongeparken near Stavanger

Don’t miss the region’s biggest tourist attraction when in Stavanger. Kongeparken Amusement Park offers endless fun for the whole family.

At Kongeparken, just a 20 minute drive south of Stavanger, you’ll find over 50 different activities for playful visitors of all ages. The park is the region’s favourite family attraction, and stands out as one of top five attractions in the country. As with most theme parks there are various exciting rides and activities for all ages. Here are some suggestions, based on height:

For the little ones – No height limit

Meet Fergie

New this year, is the opportunity to meet Fergie, the little grey tractor, known as Gråtass in Norwegian. With his big, warm and well-oiled engine heart, he loves to greet all children. Several times a day he takes a break from his farm work to drive around and say hello.

The Tractor Path

At Goggens Tractor Park, kids can sit in a real Massey Ferguson tractor. The path runs through Fergie Country and there is much to see along the way, including meeting friends and animals from Fergie’s stories.

The animal farm

In Fergie Country, Gråtassland, there are many animals. Several times a day you are allowed to meet the fun and cosy small animals up close. Let the little ones cuddle with bunnies, horses, donkeys and chickens, and not to forget, the weird, but cute, small furry pigs.


Bamsespinn is an exciting carousel made up of giant teddy bears and a fun ride for the whole family.

Minimum 90 cm
Children’s Fire Station
Here, entertainment and learning go hand in hand. For children, fire engines are undeniably very fascinating. But what do they do when things really start to burn? At the Children’s Fire Station, the little ones are equipped with a helmet and uniform, and receive full firefighter training. They experience thrilling action when the fire alarm goes off. It is a fire, and they have to slide down the pole and put it out. Afterwards they graduate as ‘Home Fire Chief’.

The Children’s Fire Station was awarded the park industry’s ‘best attraction’ in 2011.


It is a big part of the amusement park experience to be a little dizzy. At the Helspinn carousel you can decide yourself how dizzy you want to be, while sitting in small cups that you can spin as much as you want. The ride comes with a ‘dizziness guarantee’.

Svalbard Express

This fun roller coaster is suitable for anyone taller than 90cm and under the age of 99. This was Norway’s first themed roller coaster so step aboard and take a ride into history.

Minimum 120 cm

Humla – The Bumblebee

There is a reason for this attraction’s name. Just imagine a bumblebee’s movements, and you get a pretty good idea on what to expect. Humla towers 10 metres above ground. You are guaranteed butterflies in the stomach and joyful squeals.


Storm is similar to riding the ‘tea cups’, except that you sit in large shells instead. The carousel lives up to its name as you get sea spray on your face and it feels as if the storm takes hold of you and throws you into the wild waves.


Bukkerittet, translates as ‘riding a buck’. It gives you an indication on what this attraction is about. You are not literally riding a buck, but it is not so far off either judging by the craziness of it. With a speed of 70 kilometres per hour you are taken on a thrilling journey. Prepare for sudden drops, turns and full speed.

Minimum 130 cm


Any amusement park with respect for themselves needs to have dodgem cars. Kongeparken is no exception, so join in a bumpy ride with these specially modified bumper cars.

The Wasp

It is not without reason that this action packed activity has been named ‘wasp’. It is as unpredictable as the insect, and flies up, backward, forward or sideways. It goes 15 metres up in the air, and the suddenly flies with high speed to the ground.

Kings Rafting

If you love adrenaline and excitement, this is the activity for you. Be prepared to be cast down the mountainside at a tremendous speed, sitting in a two-seated inflatable boat.

Minimum 140 cm

Bobsleigh track

Speed and excitement are vital keywords at the downhill bobsleigh track , Ormen Lange, although you can decide some of the speed yourself. The track is 1000 metres long and therefore the longest in the country. It was built in 1986 and is one of the park’s most visited attractions.

Captain School

These round boats are the waters equal to crash cars. In red rubber boats, you’ll find yourself buzzing around in the water, trying as best as you can, to control the steering. It is not as easy as it might look like, but practice makes perfect. Within no time you’ll be bumping into other boats so the water splashes, accompanied by the roar of the motor and joyful cries.

The Waterfall

This is a roller coaster style experience like no other. Let yourself be carried away, literally, by an impetuous stream, without knowing quite where you’re going. Forward and backwards it goes, down the wild waterfalls.

This is just a taste of what to expect during a day in Kongeparken. The park is filled with playful activities for children of all ages. Remember to also take some breaks for an energy refill during the day at one of the many of the catering outlets

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