Fantastic sports of all sorts in Düsseldorf


Sports of all sorts welcome you to Düsseldorf! Are you a sporting fan that loves to watch different events? Or are you the type to get up at the crack of dawn to get in some cardio?

If you fit into either category, you are sure to enjoy a weekend in Düsseldorf at one of these competitions. Run, bike, swim, fight and just have fun on your next holiday. Let Radisson Blu take care of you pre and post event at Radisson Blu Media Harbor Hotel and Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel. Here are some of the top annual events in the city:

T3 Triathlon Düsseldorf

Perhaps you fancy getting a little sporty and completing a triathlon this summer? Join the T3 Triathlon (website in German only). The cool thing about this event, is that they also have tester distances and levels so you can join in on the fun even if you aren't up to sprinting 10km after a grueling bike ride and 1.5 kilometer swim. The Tester distances are for those 12 and up and include a 200m swim, 10km cycle and 1.5km run. If you would like to challenge yourself more then there is also a Sprint distance, which is a half marathon.

Next race: 26 June 2016

Judo Grand Prix


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One of the coolest sporting activities taking place in Düsseldorf is the Judo Grand Prix (website in German only). Each year the event is held in Düsseldorf because they have such great facilities and an awesome audience. Spectators from across the world come to see these highly disciplined athletes do some serious body slamming. If you want to see some lightning fast moves and incredible body control, then be sure to book yourself a seat.

Next competition: February 2017

PSD Bank Meet

For fans of track and field, the PSD Bank Meet (website in German only) is an adrenaline pumping event with elite athletes coming to the stadium to compete in sprints, long distance running, jumping and more. Drawing international athletes, this event is very popular with spectators and in 2016 it was completely sold out, so if you are looking to join, grab tickets in advance.

Next meet: February 2017

Sparda Bank Bridge Run

A little less taxing is the Bank Bridge Run, a 10km track across the city's two bridges. The event is all about having a good time and getting active as you run across the Rhine. Many people join the event to train for marathons later in the year but many also join just for the smiles. Children can even run their own race earlier in the morning on the 1-2km tracks.

Next race: April 2017

METRO GROUP Marathon Düsseldorf

A huge event in the city each year is the Düsseldorf Marathon. Bringing the whole city together, this event is all about getting out and being active and accomplishing something big. As the next race is in April next year, you have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the mammoth task of running 42 over kilometers.

Next race: 30 April 2017

If you are in the training phase for one of these events, keep on greeting those early mornings and keep up the good work! If you are coming to watch an event in Düsseldorf, then be sure not to miss some of the other great attractions while visiting!

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