The Feast of St. Julian

St Julian is the patron saint of St Julian's in Malta and on the last Sunday of August, locals and visitors alike take to the streets to celebrate his feast day. This year, the feast day falls on the 31st of August.

Discover the Feast of St. Julian

Every year, the town of St. Julian’s in Malta lights up with the Feast of St. Julian, an important day in the religious calendar. The religious feast is widely celebrated throughout the city, with fireworks lighting up the night sky and parties being held all over the city.

St. Julian's has a reputation for being a stylish party capital and in honour of the feast day, many of its clubs and restaurants hold special parties and events for the occasion. The city is decorated in colourful lights and the sound of brass bands fills the streets.

Traditions old and new

National traditions, including a procession through town carrying a statue of St. Julian, are an important part of the day. One festivity that has been gaining attention on the international stage is the Middle Ages game ‘Gostra’, which involves attempting to run to the top of a 65ft pole covered in grease to grab a flag.

It is said that each of the three flags attached to the end of the greased pole have a religious meaning - The blue and white flag represents the Madonna, the yellow and white flag represents the Vatican and the Belgian flag represents the home country of St. Julian. On collecting a flag, the winner receives a prize varying in value depending on which flag they manage to get.

As the competition is open to all ages and abilities, it makes for an interesting watch! Whatever you see during the Feast of St. Julian, it’s sure to be memorable.

Stay in Malta

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