Festival Fever: Tomorrowland spirit in Brussels

Tomorrowland 2017

Did you know that Tomorrowland, one of the world’s most popular electronic music festivals, takes place in Belgium? For two weekends, on July 19-21 and 26-28 music fans from around the globe will once again invade the little Belgian town of Boom, with the festival’s energetic spirit spreading all the way to Brussels’s city center, not far from the festival venue at all. Read on to find out everything there is to know about the complete Tomorrowland festival spirit in Brussels!

Where to stay

For the full Tomorrowland experience stay directly on the festival grounds, also known as DreamVille. If camping is not your thing, the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels, perfectly located in the heart of Brussels and only a 30-minute drive away from the festival, is a great alternative. Here, you can take a much-needed time-out from the festival madness and recharge your batteries for another day of dancing and celebrating. Don’t forget to fuel up for the day and prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime by indulging in the Super Breakfast Buffet at PebbleWood Corner.

Radisson Blu Brussels Atrium

Tomorrowland invades Brussels

Become a part of Tomorrowland's Belgian Journey, a fun get-together involving beer tastings, chocolate painting, food trucks serving Belgian specialties, and much more. This package takes you through everything Belgian combined with a fun festival flair that just cannot be missed! The city is overcome with various country flags representing all the nationalities that attend Tomorrowland.

Brussels Grand Place

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Food, glorious food

Tomorrowland's world of pure imagination even extends to the food. The festival area provides multiple food options from food trucks. With juicy burgers, pizzas, handmade pasta dishes, vegetarian options and more, festival guests will be able to satisfy all their cravings after all the festival activities.

The after movie

Unlike other music festivals, Tomorrowland doesn't end when you leave the campsite. The festival produces an after movie, which in recent years has grown into a full-blown professionally produced mini movie. To get a feeling of the festival, check out previous years' aftervideos.

Tomorrowland 2017

After you've exhausted yourself at Tomorrowland's first weekend, retreat back to the stylish Art Deco Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels to get your strength back for the next unforgettable session. Or enjoy the stay with Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, Antwerp to be closer to the location. The hotel is right across from the stunning Antwerp Central Station, which is in itself a spot to visit.

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Enjoy festival fever with Tomorrowland when you stay at Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels!

Top image: © Tomorrowland Festival / tomorrowland.com

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