Big festivals in little Malta

Malta Knights during Mdina festival

Join the locals and attend one of the many festivals in Malta. This country is a cultural treat for all those visit with its interesting and diverse heritage and traditions. Malta may only be a small country, but its citizens sure know how to throw a party. With incredible festivals full of color, fireworks, music and fun, you are bound to be entertained. Carnival, religious gatherings, medieval re-enactments, jazz evenings and fireworks will fill your stay with happy memories of that perfect vacation in Malta.

Kings, Knights and Armor

Each year in April the small age-old town of Mdina is flooded with the past during The Medieval Mdina Festival. Visitors and locals partake in re-enactments; there are medieval markets, lectures, Jesters and more. With such a perfectly preserved city, this festival is much like re-living the past. Although these were more brutal times, they sure are interesting and make for a memorable trip to the islands. Check out a battle, get spiritual with a tarot reading and be sure to attend the opening and closing ceremonies.

Religious Occasions

Being a Christian country, Holy days like Christmas and Easter are celebrations to behold. During Easter, the proceedings are somber and taken very seriously up until the Sunday where the festivities start to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Locals march through the streets joyously with a statue of the risen Christ.

There are also numerous feasts and festivities throughout different cities on the islands. The Feast of St. Gaetan in Hamrun is especially interesting. There is a rivalry between two of the bands who hit the streets to win over the residents with their melodies. In St. Julian, there is also a feast on the last Sunday of August where locals play games, eat and party to the sounds of fireworks flashing in the sky. There are so many celebrations worth taking part in across Malta.

Cathedral Victoria Gozo Malta

Fire in the sky

The Ministry for Tourism and Malta Tourism Authority organize a fireworks festival in April, lighting up the sky across the islands. Malta has a long history of using fireworks where firing muskets into the sky as a gun salute was used to celebrate. Now, the country has their own fireworks industry and set off spectacular displays on the anniversary of Malta being introduced to the European Union. The Malta Fireworks Festival is an incredible sight.

Getting Jazzy in Valletta

Held in mid-July, the Malta Jazz Festival is definitely worth the trip to Malta. With a view of the Grand Harbor in Valletta at night as a backdrop, this event is a mix of romance, class and beauty. Offering four days of sweet tunes and magic melodies, jazz lovers truly get to experience a cultural treat. Keep an eye on the website to know which artists will be invited to the islands this year.

The all-colorful Carnival

Carnival is a colorful and cool occasion that cannot be missed when in visiting in February. The main festivities take place in Valletta; however, this is a celebration that takes over the entire country. There are different versions of Carnival depending on what town you are in but they are all worth checking out. This event is centuries old, sending masked locals into the streets in wild costumes with marching bands and parades. If looking for a unique experience, head to Gozo where the theme is a little weirder and funnier.

Malta festivals - Carnival in Malta, colorful dragon costumes

©Malta Tourism Authority

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