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Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen Filini restaurant

When looking for an Italian restaurant, what you really want is an authentic Italian experience, right? You want to be transported to the streets of Italy, if only for a couple of hours. Filini offers just that – and then some! Filini is a friendly, informal and unpretentious Italian restaurant and bar concept with scrumptious food and drinks. A true Italian experience of food, wine, music and design.  And the best part is that you can have this Italian experience in over a dozen of our Radisson Blu hotels around the world. Read on to discover more.

Filini style food

Filini is all about Italian tradition and food culture. Culture equals food, and food equals culture. Italian cuisine is about serving simply-cooked food using quality ingredients. So here, you’ll experience this same philosophy: food as simple as the little matchstick-like pasta the restaurant was named after, and just as tasty… when you add wild mushrooms, thyme and olive oil! At Filini, food is refined, not fine dining, but definitely fresh, seasonal and sustainable. The emphasis is on meticulously sourced ingredients from Italy’s many regions, brought together simply and presented with style. This is why the food and drinks menu is changed twice a year to reflect the change of seasonality. Drinks are therefore also passionately Italian and wines are presented to be perfectly suited to drinking on their own or to accompany the menu.

Filini Restaurant dish in Radisson Blu Hotel Ajman

For a cosy dining experience in the heart of Ajman, UAE, experience the fresh quality ingredients of Filini at Radisson Blu Hotel Ajman. Live cooking stations let you watch as the chef tosses pizzas and makes fresh home-made pasta.

Radisson Blu Hotel Ajman Filini restaurant interior

Traveling with the kids? At the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Gran Canaria Mogan, youll get that feeling that you’re eating in an Italian home. Enjoy a great variety of dining choices with vegetarian dishes as well as carefully-selected kids options. You’ll feel like your Italian grandma just prepared your favorite dish!

Filini style atmosphere

As you may have guessed it, at Filini you are also treated to the Italian way of living: a cosy and animated atmosphere under the Mediterranean sun. Hanging out in the streets and in bars or restaurants is a part of Italian culture, where people meet, chat and enjoy good food and company. That feeling is what each restaurant tries to recreate. Thoughtfully chosen music is also played, with the occasional element of surprise designed to stimulate a knowing nod of appreciation from the aficionado. The atmosphere is essentially an Italian home away from home.

With a fantastic view of the Yas Links golf course and the sea, the Radisson Blu Hotel Yas Island, Abu Dhabi’s Filini restaurant offers dramatically lit spaces and a lively show-kitchen coupled with the opportunity for alfresco dining. The bar, the buzz, the music and the people make this a top spot in Abu Dhabi. Be sure to try the dreamy afternoon brunch filled with fantastic Italian food or experience a beautiful sunset over an exotic cocktail.

Filini Garden at Radisson Blu Hotel Abu Dhabi

At the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen, guests are especially excited about the Filini restaurant’s unique sharing food concept and the modern and comfortable atmosphere.

Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen Filini restaurant sharing food

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Filini style design

Filini celebrates Italian art and fashion. The sense of materials, textures, colors and forms is visible in every little detail. From the moment you step in, you’ll note the use of fine, natural products which reflect the same craftsmanship found in the dishes you’ll be experiencing. Different styles fuze to evoke Italian cultural history and design periods with contrasting materials. The restaurant’s design is multi-layered in a contemporary and stylish manner, offering welcoming interiors. Each restaurant has a unique color palette, showcasing a rich layering of tones and hues, recognizable in the works of numerous Italian artists. Colors also reflect Italy’s various regional features, from the rich bright colors of the Mediterranean coastal area to the iridescent warm tones of the Italian hinterland.

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel just re-opened its stylish Filini bar and restaurant after a complete makeover. The restaurant has become a fixture in Basel: hotel guests mingle with the many regulars, who come for the "piatto del giorno" for lunch and the late-riser breakfast on Sunday.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel Filini restaurant interiors

Filini style service

If you’re looking for that scripted, stuffy, fine dining experience, Filini is just the opposite. Service here is attentive, but natural and delivered with passion. Servers introduce themselves and say ‘Ciao’, make conversation and tell stories. At the table, there are several ways servers provide guests with a signature theatrical service, which includes things like serving a selection of warm breads, grating fresh parmesan and pouring oil and balsamic vinegar. Don’t be surprised if you see Management out on the floor greeting regulars and introducing themselves to new faces.

At the Filini restaurant at the Radisson Blu Belorusskaya Hotel, Moscow for example, you will always be offered a cup of coffee or tea during breakfast and the service is always friendly. Kitchen staff is ready to meet any particular guest need and the Chef aims to surprise with a new seasonal menu every month. You can therefore come back time and again and always expect to try something new.

Radisson Belorusskaya Hotel, Moscow Filini restaurant

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