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Nyhavn, Copenhagen at night

Whether you want to experiment or play it safe, Copenhagen has food to please every palate. You'll find traditional Nordic fare like smørrebrød topped with herring and egg, as well as a generous mix of internationally-inspired foods to sample at the street stands. Copenhagen's street food beckons locals and tourists alike with a varied selection of international cuisine and traditional Danish favorites. The city's combination of hearty, old-fashioned dishes and contemporary twists on the classics creates a tantalizing array of culinary options.


This up and coming urban space in Copenhagen is the one-stop-shop for all things street food. Located in Refshaleøen, which was originally an industrial area home to one of the largest shipyards, this is now one of Copenhagen's most popular spots. Reffen opened to the public in May 2018 by the group of people that replaced Copenhagen Street Food in Paper Island. Reffen is all about bringing together street food, design, culture and craft into one bustling space to create a community that loves food and experiences. The large 6000m2 space is occupied by over 50 talented chefs who make and sell their food in old shipping containers with the intent of establishing a food market with over 18 nationalities and their respective cuisines. The idea behind this space is to promote the local food scene while at the same time showing consideration for the environment and community. All of the food stalls abide by the "Reduce and Reuse" dogmas and so use organic and local ingredients where possible, compostable cutlery, reduce and sort their waste so it can be reused for other purposes.

Reffen - Copenhagen street food market

Highlights of the food stalls include Baobab, a dedicated take on bringing hearty African cuisine to the main stage. Their Gambian domoda curry brings together the rich creaminess of peanut butter and aromatic spices, cooked for hours and served generously on a bed of rice. A definite highlight! For a tasty trip to Israel, grab a delicious wrap at Mahala Truck. Here you will find the fluffiest and crispiest bread encasing a great harmony of tahini, hummus, fresh tomatoes and herbs. These vendors focus on sourcing largely vegan and vegetarian ingredients, but offer a chicken wrap as well. To satisfy your sweet tooth head to Bad Habits, a fun and hip dessert shop run by two Italian women. They serve everything from milkshakes to waffles and ice cream from northeast Italy.

Broens Gadekøkken

Located just across the bridge to the waterfront district of Nyhavn, you will find Broens Gadekøkken, or The Bridge Street Kitchen , another street food market that sells various cuisines all in one space. This market is inspired and located near the Royal Greenland Dock - which served as the Danish trading hub between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands for more than 200 years - where sailors would stop by for a meal after their long journey. Here is where you can get a taste of world-class street food with visits from guest chefs from around the world that present their personalized street food dishes. The market is bustling on certain Fridays when the market hosts their famous Bar & Bølger event and serves inventive drinks and free food samples. For a taste of one of the best burgers in the world, head to Gasoline Grill. The most unique part about this burger joint is that they have only one burger on the menu, and nothing more. But we are certain this one burger is enough to get your palate celebrating! Combine the burger with a glass of Danish schnapps, known locally as Akvavit, and a mesmerizing view of the harbor and you've got yourself a perfect evening!

Copenhagen Christianshavn harbor

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Freetown Christiania

The residents of Christiania love organic produce, and this is best exemplified by the area's superb vegetarian options. Vegetarians, vegans and anyone looking to eat less meat should make Christiania their go-to spot for lunch or dinner. One excellent option is walk-in-only Morgenstedet, whose menu features dishes made with fresh and organic farm vegetables. Afterwards, grab a cup of coffee at Månefiskeren, a relaxing café that serves sandwiches and cakes. If you'd rather put together your own meal, DIY style, stop by Grønsagen, a charming grocery store which also offers a daily lunch buffet of delicious, inventive salads. The self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of Christiania is a must-visit even if you don't wander there for a meal. However you should be wary the the residents highly value their privacy so photography is prohibited inside the community.

Christiania - Copenhagen

Tivoli Food Hall

Across the famous Tivoli Gardens in København V, you will find Tivoli Food Hall. Here is where you will find a wide selection of a variety of food and drinks, each with their own spin on international food favorites. You will find everything from traditional Danish smørrebrød, thin crust pizza, organic burgers and sushi. They organic spit fire chicken from Chicks by Chicks is a house favorite which you can combine with tasty craft beers for a refreshing accompaniment. The food hall is open all week providing free entrance, so after you've been on the adrenaline-filled rides in the amusement park, stop by the Tivoli Food Hall for a filling meal. What's even better is that the food hall is just a 15-20 minute walk from the Radisson Blu Scandanavia Hotel, Copenhagen so you can head right back to your comfortable accommodation and enjoy the beautiful Copenhagen view right from your room at night. The food doesn't stop there! The hotel is located in the Amager Vest district, where restaurants and cafes flood the scene as well. So find out where to eat in Copenhagen's Amager Vest!

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