Finland´s Oulu region: Nature at its best

When thinking of Finland, sandy white beaches probably don’t spring to mind. But the land of Santa does have a number of beautiful shores, especially in Oulu, in the north of the country. The most magnificent sand beaches can be found in Bothnian Bay, where the summer sun shines day and night, and are equally impressive in the blue afternoon light of winter.


If you are not into sunbathing and want more action, you should head to the Liimanninkoski grove conservation area, where you'll discover the deep River Muhos and its diverse environment. This heritage landscape with its winding river and wild rapids is an intriguing cultural and natural attraction - an excellent destination for a daytrip!


A Radisson Blu Hotel is ideally situated on the banks of the Oulu River, overlooking the Gulf of Bothnia. Enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views and the beautiful nature surrounding it!

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