Fjord hopping and list-topping views from Bergen

Immerse yourself in the unbelievable landscapes towering over the crystal blue fjords and discover the Norwegian wonders from Bergen.

 Bergen is like a water locked paradise, with green peaks hugging the sea and rocky formations towering up to the heavens. Known as ‘the gateway to the fjords’ this city is the place to start when lusting after a scenic adventure. The city is situated between Sognefjord, the longest fjord to the North and the incredible Hardangerfjord to the South. The waters here are like supersized rivers, twisting along fairytale landscapes. The skies are filled with stupefying sights of cascading waterfalls and mountains that earn the name ‘colossal’. So get among it all and jump on a cruise and relax as you float past cliffs painted in green. Alternatively, be part of your own adventure and discover the area via kayak, hiking, bouldering, paddle boarding and more. Want to couple your sightseeing with a step back to the past? The Barony Rosendal makes for the perfect day trip.

Floating on the Fjords

The waters around Bergen implore you to explore. If sightseeing for you involves a comfortable seat, a great view and a snack in hand, grab some Svele (a thick Norwegian pancake) and enjoy a cruise around the mountains. For more than 50 years, the White Lady has taken wide-eyed visitors and locals across the waters to Osterfjord. This vintage ship has a large lounge and sun deck and offers guiding in five languages including English. As the boat snakes in and out of the, sometimes narrow, water passageways, you will be treated to unbelievable views.

If you are starting a Norway round trip from the southern city of Bergen and want go via the water route, Hurtigruten is the way to go. This shipping company has been mesmerizing passengers with a scenic means of travel for over 120 years and is the best way to see it all. Take a trip from Bergen to the famous Geiranger Fjord and prepare to be amazed. This is one of Norway’s most visited attractions for a reason. This is the place where fairy tale’ gets its meaning, as does the phrase ‘I don’t believe my eyes’. This UNESCO protected site is hard to describe; you have to see it for yourself.

Getting active with a view

If you want a closer view of the crystal waters and to do something active, create your own experience. FjordSeal have great opportunities to Kayak around Lusterfjord on their 4-hour trip. You may get to see seals and porpoises while you glide along the surface. Bring your lunch and the kids and enjoy a picnic break by the water. You will need to jump on an express boat from Bergen to get here, but the experience is unforgettable.

If kayaking isn’t your thing but you still want to take part in activities by the seaside then contact BergFritid. This is a great company that allows you to explore on your own terms, without needing to lug all your equipment with you. About an hour north of Bergen, you can really get some dirt under your fingernails as you paddle board, kayak, abseil, boulder, cycle and hike up the mountains over the fjords. Just hire the gear and head off or join a tour.

BergFritid has great deals for those who prefer two wheels. Hire bikes with a helmet and bike bag and discover the landscape on wheels with great suspension (or a motor if you prefer dirt bikes). The mountainous landscapes around the fjords are perfect for those who want to go off-road or who’d rather follow a road where traffic is light. If biking is a passion of yours, you can even take a 5-day cycling trip called ‘The Fjord Cycling Route’.

Get the family active and try bouldering or abseiling. In this part of the country, you will find one of Norway’s biggest and best bouldering areas. With rocks for the young ones and challenges for even the best climbers, this is a great trip for the whole family. BergFritid will hire out all the equipment you need and take you out into the wilderness to begin your adventure after an introduction to the sport. From 2016, you can also engage in some exciting abseiling down into a pothole awash with a waterfall. BergFritid has an activity for every taste. Go outside and get your blood pumping on one of their top activity tours.

Gems by the water

If you are looking to take a fjord trip and want to couple it with a day tour learning about this wonderful country, then plan a trip to Barony in Rosendal. Nestled in the green landscapes rising up above the fjord you will find the smallest palace in Scandinavia. The Manor House is famous for its 300 year old renaissance garden and its beautiful views trimmed with history. Take a tour from Bergen. You will float along the fjords for just under four hours and then be guided around the palace before sitting down to a delicious 2-course lunch flavored with herbs from the Manor’s garden.

Bergen has all you could want and more when it comes to stunning sights and days to excite. Stay right at the entrance to an unforgettable vacation and let Radisson Blu take care of you. The Radisson Blu Hotel Norge, Bergen and Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Bergen always have the best beds ready and drinks waiting at the bar.

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