Floating over Vilnius in a hot air balloon

Hot air balloons flying over Vilnius

Imagine this: you’re floating freely over the largest medieval old town in central and eastern Europe. Below, charming architecture and luscious green parks unfold as you navigate the skies, like a bird soaring effortlessly through the air. You haven’t got a care in the world. Your sole concern is to breathe in the invigorating oxygen as you admire Lithuania’s beauty passing below. The only sound to disrupt your dream-like state is the burner of the hot air balloon slowly rising up, up and away…This is not a dream. Discover the wonders of a hot air balloon ride over Vilnius with our guide!

Why chose Vilnius for your first flight

The summer truly is hot air balloon season in Vilnius. And over the years, the city has become known for its balloon sightings. What is unique about Vilnius compared to other cities is that the balloons can drift right over the historic city center.

Vilnius Old Town aerial view

Hot air balloon riding Q & A

Q: How early should I book?

A: You should book as early as possible as it tends to be a popular activity, and lots of preparation goes into planning the flight (see weather conditions below). We recommend contacting one of the many operating hot air balloon companies as soon as you know the timing of your next trip.

Q: Should I be worried about vertigo?

A: If you’ve got a fear of heights, worry not! Surprisingly enough, this is not an issue. Hot air ballooning is very gentle and stable.

Q: What about weather conditions?

A: Hot air balloons can only fly in stable meteorological conditions and companies are very strict about choosing when it is safe to fly. The company you choose will keep you up to date, but note that flights can often be postponed. Safety first! Note also that most flights take off in the morning or evening: perfect for sunset or sunrise chasing!

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Q: What should I wear?

A: Wear comfortable clothes and a hat to protect your head from the heat of the burner above. Temperature wise you should not be worried about being cold. Wear what you would wear on the ground. Note: avoid nylon jackets. And no high heels!

Q: Can I take pictures?

A: Of course! On one condition: you share them on Instagram with #RadissonBlu!

The pilot never knows exactly where you will land, so landing can be somewhat of a fun adventure! Note that set up and take-down are often part of the whole experience, so prepare to get involved in the process.

Watching the balloons lift off

If you aren’t interested in taking to the skies, why not enjoy the sight of watching the hot air balloons take off? Here are some of the take-off points in Vilnius where you may be able to catch them:

-The big field next to the White Bridge

-The area beneath Bastion Hill

-Vingis Park, the field that’s next to the concert stage

You can find take-off times online and on most of the operating companies’ Facebook pages.

Inflation of hot air balloon

Your room with a view in Vilnius

The best view however of the skies filled with the candy colored exclamation marks is right from your hotel room. See for yourself below with this #BluView shot captured from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lietuva Vilnius! And check out the live view for an up to the minute look at the view and weather for today.

Hot air balloons over Vilnius

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