Follow our Paper City Winner on her Journey Around the World with Radisson Blu

Her bags are packed and she's on her way!

We're delighted to say that the winner of our summer Paper City competition - Katharina from Germany - is off on her once-in-a-lifetime global journey with Radisson Blu. Check back here often for updates from Katharina as she describes the amazing places she visits.

First stop - the Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik:


What's your favorite thing about Iceland?

Iceland has been blessed with beautiful nature. The air is wonderfully clear and so is the water. We were lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights and they are truly as marvelous as everyone says!

What are your top 3 'must-see' things in Reykjavik?

1) Visit one of the public thermal pools. The pools, which have a temperature range of 8-44°C (46-111°F), offer the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with the locals.

2) Coffee with a view at the top of Perlan.  Perlan is situated on top of a hill and gives you a great vantage point for photos.

3) Rent a car and explore Reykjavik's surroundings. We were inspired by the traditional Golden Circle tour. Our favorite stop was at Seljalandsfoss, which actually isn't a part of the Golden Circle itself. The head manager of the 1919 Radisson Blu hotel recommended for us to add this waterfall to our tour because it actually allows you to follow a trail behind the waterfall!

What did you love most about the Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik?

We absolutely have to go with the staff! Marc and his team went the extra mile to make sure we felt welcomed and comfortable in Reykjavik.

Second Stop - the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Cape Town


What's your favorite thing about South Africa?

We loved the history of South Africa. From the colonization of Africa, to the relatively recent end of Apartheid, the city has a lot of stories to tell.

What are your top 'must see/do' things in Cape Town?

The top thing to do in in Cape Town for us was going to Boulders Beach and seeing the African Penguins.

Sadly we weren't able to go up the Tafelberg as the cable car to the top was out of order due to strong winds. One night though we opted to watch the sunset from Signal Hill and it was marvelous.

What did you love most about the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Cape Town?

What we loved most about the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel in Capetown was the view from our balcony.

We were looking right at the waterfront which also had a little harbor. Nothing compares to a relaxed breakfast on our balcony while watching the sun making its way about the sky!

Next stop - Radisson Blu Santiago La Dehesa


What’s your favorite thing about Chile?

Chilean cities have a very urban feel to them, everywhere you go you will find street/wall art, or street musicians. Also it’s crazy to know that within a one hour drive you could be surrounded by snow on top of a mountain, or at the relaxing at the beach.

What are your top ‘must see/do’ things in Santiago?

So far we have done a free walking tour at every destination, they offer great orientation and an introduction into local history. In Santiago we wholeheartedly recommend doing a free walking tour with these guys. The tour took four hours and we loved every minute of it! Our guide Omar was very knowledgeable and truly passionate about Chile, he was happy to answer any questions and helped us map out the rest of our stay.

What did you love most about the Radisson Blu Santiago La Dehesa?

Our favorite thing about the hotel was the downstairs lobby. The comfortable lounge chairs invite you to work or rest, there also were a variety of books to keep you entertained. We often had the outside lounge to ourselves and went there to have drink or call home.

Next stop - Radisson Blu Resort Fiji, Denarau Island


What’s your favorite thing about Fiji?

The past weeks we’ve pretty much spent all day, every day, on our feet discovering the different cities of our previous destinations. We were very grateful for the relaxing atmosphere around the resort and spent most of our time getting some down-time by the pool.

What are your top ‘must see/do’ things in Fiji?

Nadi is the closest city to the resort. Here you can visit the Hindu Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. This is the only touristy sight-seeing we did on Fiji. Of course the island offers many more activities such as water sports, or helicopter adventures.

What did you love most about the Radisson Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island?

At the resort we had our own apartment, with a balcony and a kitchen. This was a nice change to the regular hotel rooms as we had the opportunity to cook our own meals. That doesn’t mean we didn’t try the hotel restaurants though! We had a lot of fun doing one of the special dinner experiences, where we were served a Fijian BBQ at the Lomani Wai in-pool dining.

Final Stop - Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing

What’s your favorite thing about China?

China has a very rich history which they are very proud of. There are so many historic sights to visit and most of them have been kept well. We loved getting to see all these places and imagine what life must have been like in the centuries before ours.

What are your top ‘must see/do’ things in Beijing?

Our two definite must-dos are climbing the Great Wall of China (obviously!) and if you can, take a whole day to discover the Summer Palace and the surrounding parks, go for a stroll around the lake and take in the atmosphere of this beautiful retreat within the city grounds.

What did you love most about the Radisson Blu Beijing?

The breakfast buffet was hands-down amazing. It offered Chinese as well as Western cuisine. It was so extensive that we hardly managed to try everything that was offered. A perfect start to our sight-seeing adventures!

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