Foodie Trends for Your Meeting at Radisson Blu

New foodie trends seem to pop up every day in restaurants. So how come food at business meetings is always so boring?



Don’t worry, we’re here to save you from another boring food buffet.


We’ve developed four unique and – more importantly – delicious food styles for your next gathering that are sure to help inspire your colleagues as well as your taste buds. Follow along as we guide you through these four unique food offerings for your next meeting or event at participating Blu hotels in Central Europe.


Flexitarian - main photo

Great tasting food with no meat? Don’t worry vegetarians – we’ve got you covered. Our Flexitarian offering is sure to please even the pickiest of gastro-veggies.


- No meat (of course)

- Create with passion attractive veggie dishes

- Inspired by Asian & Mediterranean styles of cooking

- Use local & seasonal products

- Use of fish and meat substitutes possible

- Use different cooking techniques, e.g. Smoking, grilling, roasting

Flexitarian Collage

Land + Place 

Land + Place - main photo (1)

If there’s one foodie trend that is hot everywhere, it’s making sure your food is fresh and regional.

Rustic ‘peasant’ dishes that were –until recently – seen as boring or old fashioned, are now getting the attention they so rightly deserve. We focus here on quality, but also on trade and knowledge. Delicacies such as smoked ham from Alto Adige, or caviar from Styria that show the producer’s relationship with the culture and the land are important elements you’ll find when sampling this food.


- Typical and authentic local dishes

- We create a story for you through our food

- Old ingredients with a modern presentation

- Simple, ‘no-fuss’ cooking techniques like smoking, grilling and roasting are used

LandPlace Collage

Wild Sensation

Wild_Sensation - main photo

It may be all about “location, location, location” with real estate, but for foodies with flair it’s “presentation, presentation, presentation”

Using natural, local and authentic produce, the Wild Sensation theme always tells a story. With this foodie theme, we strive to showcase local cuisine with new modern approaches through extraordinary presentation.



- Stylish, trendy, authentic and local food

- Flavors, aromas & good taste

- Typical and authentic dishes with modern flair

- Each dish contains local & seasonal products

- Unique cooking and presenting techniques

WildSense Collage

Tasty Mood

Tasty Mood - main photo (1)

Your mood can be influenced by a thousand things, big or small, throughout the day. But at Radisson Blu we wonder, can your mood be influenced by the food you eat?

Thus, the theme Tasty Mood was born. So how do we put hungry business people in a good mood? The key substance for happiness is the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is also known as the ‘happiness hormone’. Food that naturally boosts the production of this hormone not only tastes good, but may help keep you in a good mood as well. Now that’s something to smile about.


- Natural boost of serotonin

- Carbohydrates, sugar and high fat content

- Chocolate, spices, fruits & berries

- Top 5 serotonin enhancing foods: chilies, banana, fish, kiwi & chocolate

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