A foodie´s guide to Malmö

Malmö was announced as one of the world's most innovative cities, thanks to the number of patents filed by a population of fewer than 650,000 people. That pioneering spirit isn't limited to scientific pursuits, either – the cafés and restaurants of the city have all benefited from that same inventive flair, making it a perfect choice for a foodie vacation.

Sweden's third-largest city, Malmö is rapidly making a name for itself as an international cultural center. Art galleries, quirky boutiques and the chance to tour The Bridge locations have helped to pull in the tourists, but it's the restaurants that might just persuade you to stay here forever! No matter what culinary mood you’re in, one of these spots near our Radisson Blu Hotel, Malmo, is sure to please your palate. Check out the top picks below.


Translating as 'Sausage House', Korvhuset isn't quite fine dining, but it is a fantastic place to enjoy a simple, tasty snack. With 101 different types of sausage available, you might not be able to try them all, but you can give it your best shot. More exotic options include champagne sausages, wild boar sausages and even a 'Welsh dragon' sausage, although it's hoped that no actual dragons were harmed in their creation. Served on plastic plates and with plastic utensils, you can side your sausage with potatoes and coleslaw, or buy cold sausages individually to try at home.

Wild boar sausages and meat


An unconventional name for an unconventional restaurant, Bastard is one the city's most popular eateries. Owned by Chef Andreas Dahlberg and restaurateur Nina Christensson, the bar/restaurant’s secret is its ever-changing menu. Meals are made with simple and seasonal regional produce, as well as all cuts of meat from snout to tail. Try the Bastardplanka, Bastard’s signature meat platter, which comes with a knife stuck in the board the meat is served on. Needless to say, vegetarians may be better served elsewhere, but carnivores will find plenty to keep them happy here.

Prosciutto, bacon, salami and sausages on wooden plank

Malmö Chokladfabrik

While the words 'chocolate factory' should be enough to bring out everyone's inner child, here you'll get the chance to learn all about the creations as well. You can schedule a tour of this 126-year-old chocolate factory that covers both the history of the factory and of chocolate itself, and chocolate tasting is, of course, included. After the tour, take a seat in the café, which serves coffee, tea – and hot chocolate, then take home some handmade truffles, cakes, or fondue made fresh from cocoa beans; perfect souvenirs.

Malmo Chocolate Factory

Bloom in the Park

One of Malmö’s best-known restaurants, Bloom in the Park nestles comfortably into the verdant Pildammsparken. The restaurant’s exterior resembles a rustic log cabin, but inside, Chef Titti Qvarnström’s cuisine is strictly cutting-edge. Bloom in the Park's “No Menu” concept means that meal offerings change daily based on the availability of ingredients and the chefs’ inspiration, but you can guarantee that every dish that arrives at your table will be expertly served, beautifully presented and taste absolutely divine. They'll also still cater to dietary needs and allergies, so everyone is welcome for lunch, dinner or afternoon tea. This is a popular spot for romantic dining; be sure to reserve your place ahead of time.

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