From Çeşme to Chios – a one-day adventure

Chios Island

Jump aboard a boat in Çeşme and have yourself a one-day adventure in Chios. The charming Greek island has plenty to offer and is only 30 minutes away. Even though Çeşme has everything you would need for both a relaxing and eventful vacation, a little change of scenery can’t hurt. Only a half hour boat ride away lays Chios, a hidden treasure in the Aegean Sea. The Greek island is bursting with activities and sights for you to explore.

Diverse nature

Nature enthusiasts will love the diverse flora and fauna Chios has to offer. The island’s position between east and west gives it a rich biodiversity and there are several unique species here. Bring your camera and capture nice shots of rare orchids and the endangered flower Fritillaria pelinaea. The island can also offer numerous pristine beaches for those who want a relaxing day and several fascinating caves if you want to have more photos for your family album.

For centuries the island has been famous for its export of products from the Mastic trees, also known as Chewing Gum trees. Sap from the trees is harvested in August and is used for making liquor, gum, soda, snacks, toothpaste, medicine and more. The sought after mastic products make fantastic gifts and souvenirs from your trip.

Mastic tree for chewing gum

A day of activities

If high paced new experiences are what you want, look no further. Even though the island isn’t very big, the possibilities for an eventful day are endless. Explore the island by foot on one of the many walking routes or rent a bike to cover more ground. If you want to see a more hidden side of Chios, go climbing in Kleidou, Kourna Rock or visit the castle village of Anavatos, built on a steep rock.

If you prefer the water element, you still have many options. Catch the waves, created by the strong Aegean wind, on a surfboard at the beaches Bella Vista, Velonas or Agia Dynami. A great part of Chios’ beauty lies below the water’s surface and is reachable for both new and experienced scuba divers. Take a beginner’s course, join a snorkelling excursion or rent the equipment and have your own little adventure. From July to September you can also enjoy the therapeutic qualities of the thermal baths, which have a long history in Greece.


Please your taste buds

The fertile grounds and the Mediterranean climate near Chios makes for a rich selection of high quality products on the island. In addition to the mastic products, you can enjoy juicy citrus fruits, sweet honey, delicious Amanites mushrooms and tasty soft white cheese from full fat cow or goat milk. Be on the lookout for these products when you visit the restaurants and you are guaranteed an out of the ordinary gastronomic experience.

Orange tree

Explore cultural and historical sights

If culture and history interests you then there’s a great chance you will be amazed by what this island has to offer. Out of all of the medieval defence networks in the Mediterranean, the ones in Chios are by far the best preserved. This means you can spend an entire day admiring historical castles, watchtowers and fortified settlements. Also, make sure not to miss the exceptional architecture in the village of Pyrgi, which still stands as it was built. With narrow roads, churches and houses decorated in Xysta-style, you will get some great photos and make even better memories. There is also a medieval town called Mesta, which is perfectly historic from wall to wall. This castle-village from the Byzantine period is made up of very narrow cobblestoned streets purposed to protect inhabitants from pirate attacks.

Pirgi, Chios greek island buildings

Take a day out of your holiday in Çeşme to explore the lovely island of Chios, whether you’re up for being active, cultural or want to relax on the beach and sample tasty local food. Stay comfortable and perfectly located by the Agean coast at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Cesme, only half an hour boat ride from the Greek adventure.

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