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Fujairah guide

Fujairah is the largest city on the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates and the only one with a multipurpose port. The city is both a thriving commercial center. And it is also a world-class destination for diving, fishing, water sports and desert driving. Read our guide to this emirate's best outdoor activities in Fujairah.


Our Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah is home to the Palms Dive Center. Visitors can learn to dive, rent equipment and plan their next excursion here.

Fujairah is a particularly good spot for diving thanks to its "coral reefs, which attract more marine life," says Ibrahim Al-Zu'bi, Executive Director of the Emirates Diving Association (EDA). It is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect the UAE’s marine resources by promoting the marine environment and environmental diving. "Divers can expect to see coral reefs, barracuda, blacktip sharks, parrot fish, turtles and moray eels, to name a few.” For snorkeling, he recommends Dibba Rock, a protected area. Snorkeling, scuba diving, reef diving, wreck diving, free diving and night diving are all popular outdoor activities in Fujairah. Ibrahim's advice is simple: "Learn from a reputable dive center, respect the marine life. Don’t touch or remove anything, relax, have fun and remember all the safety instructions."


“Fujairah is geographically located in a good spot for fishing and diving as it lies on the Gulf of Oman, which is open on the Indian Ocean. It's different from all the other Emirates," says Shoaib O. Essa of the Fujairah International Marine Club (FIMC). He explains that you can try "trolling or bottom fishing, depending on the fish the angler hopes to catch. Visitors can enjoy fishing by hiring a boat from either the marine club or one of the charter companies here in the marine club. All these boats are well equipped."

For anglers, there's no bad time to visit: "Fujairah offers a whole 12-months long fishing season with over 500 varieties of fish." Once you’ve amassed your catch for the day, head over to the FIMC’s Harbour Club. Here you can get your fish grilled or fried. As Shoaib says, "It can't get fresher than this."

Trolling in Fujairah

Water sports

According to Shoaib, "the most popular watersports in Fujairah are fishing, diving, and jet skiing." At our Ocean Blue water sports club, you can rent out jet skis, deep sea fishing boats and diving equipment. Or try out other holiday pastimes like wakeboarding, kayaking, water skiing and banana boat rides.

Speed boat at Fujairah Beach

Off-road and desert driving

"You haven't really lived until you have experienced a desert sunset; followed by an evening under the stars with friends, toasting marshmallows by the campfire," says Marina Bruce, creator of The Desert Diva blogShe points out that "Fujairah is located in a mountainous region so there is no sand driving...There are, however, many wadis and mountain tracks nearby and some are accessible to inexperienced drivers, such as Wadi Wurayah."

Marina also explains, "the UAE is traditionally a Bedouin society and as such it is possible to travel and camp almost anywhere. Except for cultivated and restricted areas." She says, "Anyone with a suitable car can explore with the aid of a good guide book and a GPS to navigate. Although you should always travel with a minimum of three cars." If you don't want to risk your rental, "most hotels offer a variety of guided tours including transport in the area."

Offroad track near Wadi Maidaq Fujairah

Off your road with us at Radisson Blu Resort, Fujairah to extend your the adventurous limit!

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