Fun for the whole family in St. Petersburg

Russian traditional toys, Matryoshka dolls

St. Petersburg is the perfect destination for families looking to entertain their kids, with a great variety of child-friendly and educational activities.

Discover a city rich in cultural sights, as well as fantastic places to shop and dine out for the whole family. St. Petersburg is known for its many magnificent historical attractions. These can be both educational and interesting for children as well as adults. Much of the city’s stunning architecture is clad in beautiful colors and stands out as appealing to kids. St. Petersburg is like a real life fairytale and your kids’ imagination will run wild here. Some may recognize the beautiful city from movies like Anastasia and feel how the story truly comes to life. Here are our top tips for a family-friendly visit!

The world’s largest museum

On first impressions, kids might not be very interested in studying art, but these overwhelming buildings are perfect for storytelling. Peter the Great founded the city in 1703, at a time when it was the capital of Russia. It was also the home of the Romanovs, the imperial family, reigning over Russia until the revolution in 1917. The truth of what happened to Emperor Nicholas II and his family after his abdication is quite brutal, but it is in fact also the origins of the aforementioned story about Anastasia; a favorite among many children.

The Romanovs built the huge Winter Palace and added the Hermitage to hold their enormous art collection. It is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world. Make sure to see the Winter Palace of Peter I, which gives a unique picture of how it was to live in earlier centuries. It doesn’t take much for the imagination to take over here, no matter what age you are.

Winter Palace St. Petersburg

Magnificent vibrant palaces

Historically, each Tsar constructed a new palace, so on the edge of the city you will find many of these magnificent buildings set among landscaped parks and gardens. It’s not hard to picture that this is the place where imperial families and their friends played during long summer days. The children can marvel at the often ornate and colorful buildings, and at the same time burn off some energy in the parks as you stroll around. They will definitely leave with the impression of the differences from another time and part of the world.

Music and dance

Children love music and dance, so there’s no activity in St. Petersburg more thrilling than to go to one of the world’s most famous theatres to watch a ballet performance at Mariinsky Theatre. The annual event calendar is packed with new and exciting shows. The spectacular theatrical surroundings alone are worth a visit. If you know your kids like music, the Philharmonia could also be a good option for the family. The program is always lively. Before the concert, make sure you visit the Chocolate café for some delightful sweet treats.

Mariinsky Theatre St. Petersburg

Sooth your hunger

Part of the charm of visiting a large city is trying the local cuisine, even if it just means buying food from a street vendor. St. Petersburg is famous for Blinis, which are quite similar to crepes, and often come filled with butter and jam. It is the perfect snack to keep the energy levels up between all the sights and attractions you’re visiting.

Traditional Russian Blinis or crepes

Unique toy stores

When it comes to shopping, kids much prefer toys and fun items as opposed to clothes and interior. This is where St. Petersburg excels. The toy stores here certainly offer unique products. Children can have fun trying on fur hats, playing with wooden toys or picking out lovely chess sets. For the ideal souvenir, take home one of the many beautifully decorated Fabergé eggs, or a world-famous Matryoshka doll.

Russian traditional toys, Matryoshka dolls

When booking a family holiday, the hotel facilities are important. Radisson Royal Hotel, St. Petersburg offers rooms with connecting doors, perfect for parents who want some private space. Both cribs and baby beds are available on request, and the restaurant and bar offers their younger guests a special menu. The hotel is located on the city’s main boulevard, close to other exciting attractions like the Dolphinarium, the Planetarium and Oceanarium.

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