Gastronomy Meets Photography with Chef Omer from the Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul

We’re sure your social media channels are flooded with pictures of delicious meals taken either by you or your friends. Who doesn’t love to brag about the delicious food they’re about to enjoy?

It may come as more of a surprise to you though to find out that our chefs at Radisson Blu love sharing their culinary creations on Instagram as much as you do!

Learn more about one particular Blu chef based in Istanbul whose show-stopping food will ‘wow’ both your taste buds and your eyes!

OmerEsen (2)

What is your name and job?

My name is Omer Esen. I am Executive Chef for Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul in Turkey.

How did you get into your profession? What inspired you?

I was always interested in cooking starting from my childhood while I was watching my mother and how she was cooking hat time.  I also started cooking when I was a little child. My education background is also about cooking and my culinary journey at school started in 1993 and ended after 8 years.

Where do you get inspiration from when creating new dishes?

The most important thing when I am creating a dish is using local and seasonal products. I follow all trends from Turkey as well as global trends from my network, media and social media. Since I am the president of Euro-Toques Turkey, I am inspired to bring forward the hidden tastes of Turkish cuisine.

When did you start using Instagram and why?

I started using Instagram 4 years ago. I love to connect people with my job.  Photos are such a great way to express who you are as a person and as a chef. Food photos are a strong way to connect with my audience.

Why do you think food photos are so popular on social media?

People love food and people love taking food photos. I think food is traditionally experienced through touch, taste, and smell.  As the usage of digital and social media increased heavily on last years, people are attracted more and more by the visuals as photos and videos, relying on pictures and social recommendations to learn about food.

Do you have any favorite photos you’ve taken you can share with us?

Do you have any tips for photographing food on Instagram?

I thınk the food photography is all about the light and choosing the background. Most important tips are being aware of the intensity of the light and how it hits the food and choose the background carefully for food and create and interestıng background. Also taking natural pictures and using the right color combination and choosing the right angle are other aspects that can be considered while taking a food photo.

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