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Dluga street, heart of the Old Town Gdansk

To best explore the historic and old port city of Gdansk, visitors should turn to the locals. Gdansk With Us offers the complete tour of the best and most interesting attractions in the area.

Tour guides and founders of Gdansk With Us, Aleksandra and Agnieszka, were both studying at the University of Gdansk and started working as guides for Polish groups. When noticing more and more Scandinavians visiting Gdansk, they decided to use their experience as guides and combine it with their local knowledge to provide city tours. Since they started up in 2010, they have given many visitors a tour to remember and we have asked them to share their top tips for discovering the city.

What are the top five places to visit in Gdansk?

Main Town Hall and Neptune Fountain in Gdansk

As the city is full of old and new attractions, it is not hard to fill you itinerary with must-sees. Even the tour guides have a hard time limiting their favorite sights:

“It is not easy to name just five, but the top highlights have to be Piwna Street with St Mary’s Church, the old harbor at Motława River, St Nicholas Church, the Market Hall, Solidarity Square and Oliwa Cathedral which has an amazing organ.”

Many of these represent different eras of history and give visitors a great insight in the historic events and developments. When it comes to trying to narrow these favorites down to one, it also proves to be a difficult task. “A dinner at one of the restaurants is mandatory; and so is a visit to the Solidarity Square and Shipyard. Combine the two and experience the perfect afternoon.”

Visit the popular Old Town

Old Town Gdansk

Depending on what you wish to see in Gdansk you can choose from different tours. The routes take you around the Tri-City area, Old Town, trail of WWII and to the best Gothic attractions.

“The walk in the Old Town takes up to two hours and visitors learn about the turbulent history of the city and the fascinating present. ‘Tri-City in a nutshell’ takes us to Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, which although located near each other are so different. These are the two bestsellers.

Choose from two-hour delights or one-day adventures where you’ll be guided through the city highlights on foot or by bus. If you’re a history buff, we recommend the WWII tour where you’ll see the impact the Nazi regime had on the city, as well as the remains of the Stutthof Camp.”

Customize it

Motlawa River, Soldek first ship built in Poland after WWII

If you have any specific attractions you would like to see, or just want to put together your own city tour, you are more than welcome to do that.

“More than a half of our clients have individual requests. The tailor-made tours nearly always include sightseeing in the Old Town, but programs vary depending on the individual interests of the guests.”

When in Gdansk…

The medieval atmosphere in Malbork Castle in summer tournament Gdansk

The city is a cultural hub, and there are many events to attend during the summer months. A lot of these are free, so you can stop by if you feel like being spontaneous. If you want to follow the footsteps of the citizens, you can do so on two wheels. Rent a bike and roll around the city on the numerous cycling paths. You can also join the roller-skaters or relax on the beach. In the wintertime, many choose to go skiing and you’ll find slopes and cross-country tracks near the city.

After a day of exploration with Aleksandra and Agnieszka, you can retreat to the stylish Radisson Blu Hotel, Gdansk. Wake up in the heart of the city, rested and ready for new adventures!

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