A Gentleman´s Tour of Amsterdam

tour Amsterdam - view to an Amsterdam channel in the evening with colorfull buildings on the background

So you’re in Amsterdam and want to make the best of it, but don’t want to tread the typical tourist path. As an alternative to spending your days queuing to visit some of the great city museums, why not instead see a different side of Amsterdam. Book in some ‘me’ time and enjoy this vibrant and colourful city. Be a little selfish, and pamper yourself. This is a real gentleman’s guide to Amsterdam, and it’s a day when it’s perfectly alright being a man.

Hit the Gym

Start the day of with your regular training session at Splash Health Club. Relieve stress from a hectic week at work, and join a kickboxing class to bring out the best in you. Test your will power, speed and mental focus. For a mere 20 Euros you get access to all the benefits of a full-time member. Here you can also enjoy a rejuvenating beverage at their own juice bar, and a relaxing massage by their highly skilled massage therapists. Grab a protein shake and leave feeling like a champion. Now it’s time to look like one.

Cut, Trim and Shave

Nothing beats the ego boost you get from a fresh haircut, newly trimmed beard and some professional male grooming by first class Barbers catering to the new age gentleman. The Amsterdam Barbershop, located in a very traditional street in Amsterdam, Elandsgracht 80-c, is a traditional concept with a modern twist. Now an international Barber business, they cater to the modern man with top of the line, and hard-to-get grooming products. Well worth the visit to sharpen your look.

Suit up!

Oger is a premium men’s-fashion shop in Amsterdam with roots back to 1989. They produce their own fashion collections in Italy and have a handful of stores in the Netherlands. Too feel good, you have to look good. Top your newly groomed self with a top of the line suit and tie, and some hand-made Italian shoes. Now it’s time to enjoy what life has to offer.

tour Amsterdam - shopping street in the center of Amsterdam, The NetherlandsWorld of flavours

Start you evening out at a decadent cigar house. The Huis Hajenius has the history of being one of the most illustrious cigar houses in Europe since 1914. The classic, oak-wood entrance beacons you into a true cigar house infused with quality and tradition. With a very knowledgeable and friendly staff, you can sample and learn the rich history of cigars. Pick your favourite and head of to the luxurious smoking lounge. Here you can enjoy your favourite blend of cigars, while having a fresh cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

Music to My Ears

Add some music to your Amsterdam experience. If you’re feeling for a bit of culture and want to experience first class musicians in a near perfect venue, the Concertgebouw is the perfect place to visit. The concert hall is extremely beautiful and one of Europe’s finest, and if you’re lucky you might catch a free concert. Go early and secure tickets to a show. Experience the Dutch love affair with some of the world’s greatest musicians.

Own the Night

It’s time to take on what Amsterdam’s nightlife scene has to offer. For a truly unique experience and a night out, Amsterdam’s very own Supperclub is definitively the venue of choice. As they say themselves: “Whether it’s the food, music, performances, art, music, personnel or guests themselves, at Supperclub everything revolves around stimulating your senses and releasing your creativity.” Meet new people, network, enjoy yourself and do it in a classy and responsible way.

As your night comes to an end, and you’ve had great fun, dancing, enjoying first-class cocktails, and bought a round for your new found friends, it is time to head home. The Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the perfect place to rejuvenate and get a great night sleep. The amazing guest services and spa facilities will get you ready for your flight to the next big city you want to experience.

tour Amsterdam - party street during the night in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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