Celebrate German Beer Day in Germany

Tradition has it that the 23rd of April is German Beer Day. That’s the day, back in 1516, when the "German Purity Law" was first passed, and it is still in effect today. It’s actually the oldest food law anywhere in the world, and to this day it decrees that German beer can only contain 3 ingredients: water, hops and barley. The law may be simple, but we guarantee that the choice of beers to enjoy on German Beer Day is anything but!

The story begins 6,000 years ago with some fermented bread dough

The ancient Sumerians were the first to notice around 6,000 years ago how bread dough that was left for a while would start changing. It didn’t take them long to figure out that it was airborne wild yeast that was causing the dough to ferment. So when the Sumerians tried this fermented dough and purposely started repeating the process, the brewing process, that is, they had discovered a drink fit for their kings. In the Middle Ages, monasteries were the brewing hotspots where monks perfected the art, and, as of the 19th century, extensive research and numerous inventions got us to the point where beer could be brewed in larger quantities at consistently high quality levels. So it’s really been a gradual process to get to the cool thirst-quenching pleasure we know and love today!

Beer history

Germany – beer capital of the world

Today, German brewers still make their beer according to the "German Purity Law". More than 5,000 different types of beer are brewed in Germany today. Yet each has its own unique flavour, which, of course, has something to do with the recipe, the water used, the way the barley is malted, and, not to mention, the brew master’s personal touch. Also worth noting is that German favourites include pilsner, export, wheat beer, lager, darker "Alt" beer or the Cologne specialty, Kölsch. Krombacher Pils is one of the all-time favourite brands, with an annual consumption of around 5.55 million hectolitres. But we tend to go more for the local beers, such as "Duckstein Original" from Hamburg, or "Brinkhoff’s No.1" from Dortmund.

German beer bravery

A cool blonde, a racy brunette or a dark, vivacious beauty?

Well, it really is a tough choice. Why don’t you make the 23rd of April your day to try a few different types of beer and join us in celebrating German Beer Day? It’s up to you whether you would like to sit back and enjoy a Kölsch in our "Paparazzi" lounge in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne, a darker "Alt" in one of our properties in Düsseldorf, or maybe try something really different, like a "Berliner Weisse" with a shot of raspberry or woodruff-flavoured syrup, while you relax in the Atrium Bar of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin. We’re ready to make your beer dreams come true!

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Beer kinds

Celebrate German Beer Day with Radisson Blu!

Missed German Beer Day? Worry not, International Beer Day happens in August!

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