Get lost in Manchester´s lavish Lyme Park

When arriving in Manchester, many are unaware of the lavishness that awaits at the beautiful Lyme Park. When you stay in the city, you are only a short trip away from serene green fields and a majestic estate bringing you back to the Edwardian Era. Read on to discover how to get your nature and culture fix during your next trip to Manchester.

If the walls could talk

There is much to discover at this 1400 acre estate. The old walls tell enticing tales and the stunning nature allows you to get lost for a few hours. At first glance, the estate and mansion may look familiar to some as the lavish house of Mr. Darcy, ‘the Pemberley’. The mansion and estate was deemed fit to serve as one of the main locations when BBC filmed their adaptation of Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice in 1995. More recently, it was used on another BBC show called ‘The Village’.

The historic and idyllic Lyme estate consists of grand buildings, green hills, herds of deer and unique pieces of art and history ready for you to explore. Explore the home of the Edwardian family and see what lavish looked like centuries ago. From heavy drapes to lush fabrics and gold ornaments, this is truly an impressive house.

The Legh family owned the estate for more than five centuries from 1346 until 1946, when it was given to them for good deeds in battle. The family home saw royal visits and hunting parties roam the grounds. The most fascinating part of the estate is without a doubt the mansion, developed over several years by a handful of notable architects. Today the lavish and luxurious interior is filled with historical artefacts owned by the National Trust. If you just cannot get enough of this Edwardian lifestyle, take it one step further and join in on the serious dress-up game taking place in the wardrobes. Corsets, hats and poofy dresses on the hangers are ready for you to try them on!

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Caxton’s Missal

For many, the highlight of the visit is seeing the ancient, unique Sarum Missal print made by William Caxton in Paris in 1487. This is the only one of its kind and was in the Legh family’s possession from around 1508 to 2008 when the National Trust purchased it. Caxton was the man who brought the very first printing press to England in 1476. He printed several books, but did not have the skill to print in different colours, sizes and fonts required to print the Missal. He sought out the help of Frenchman Guillaume Maynyal who helped develop the two-pull, two-colour technique required to print the Sarum Missal, which was the first book ever to be printed this way in 1487. The book ended up at the Legh’s and is now displayed in their home.

Adventure gardens

Feel the crisp winds on your face while strolling along the tracks and paths of the estate that take you through beautiful gardens, endless hills and ancient forests. 17 acres of gardens planted by the Lynch family are at the doorstep of the mansion, including a rose garden, the Orangery, the Dutch Garden and seasonal plants. The estate is home to an abundance of wildlife such as birds, red deer, sheep and fluffy cows. Do not be surprised if you see a herd of any of these grazing the green fields during your afternoon stroll.

The main tour

The Pemberley Walk allows you to follow in the footsteps of the actors and the film crew from and discover English nature at its best. It is classified as an easy walk taking anything from 1.5-3 hours depending on how much time you spend taking photos and getting lost in the unfathomably beautiful landscapes along the way. The 3.2 kilometre long paths leads you to Pursefield Wood, Paddock Cottage, the Cage, the gardens and the mansion. The gardens require tickets before entry, which are available at the ticket office on the estate.

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