Where to get married in Dublin´s fair city

Your wedding day should be one of the most romantic of your life so you want to make sure everything is just right – especially the venue. There are few countries in the world as romantic as Ireland, and few cities as atmospheric and evocative as Dublin, a true city of art and poetry.

If you are thinking of crossing the Irish Sea and getting married in Dublin we’ve put together a short guide and picked out some of the top locations available. There are a lot of choices available in Ireland’s capital so you can be sure to find something suitable should you decide to walk down the Emerald Aisle.

Tying the knot in medieval splendour

If your heart’s set on getting married in a beautiful and venerable location then Dublin is the perfect option. Christ Church Cathedral has been at the heart of Dublin’s spiritual life for nearly a thousand years and now the important place of worship is available for weddings.

The vaulted crypt beneath the cathedral boasts a beautiful hall which is perfect for weddings. The subterranean hall, with its medieval interior and stunning stone relief carvings, is an intimate area of ancient reverence and timeless elegance. When cast in the soft illumination of flickering candlelight there are few places in the world that could match the hall for sheer atmosphere – as a memorable location for a Dublin wedding, it really is second to none.

The hall is air conditioned and can comfortably fit 120 people so is perfect for a good sized reception. Book well in advance if you are tempted by the venue though – for obvious reasons it is very popular all year round.

A hidden gem in a stunning setting

Our next pick is an award winning Dublin wedding venue that offers a range of options for weddings of all sizes. Located in the Ballsbridge area, Thomas Prior Hall offers a deliciously grand option for getting married in Dublin. The one-time Masonic school was built in the 19th century and after a period of neglect has been delicately restored to its former glory.

Now the hall is one of the most popular wedding venues in Dublin and one look around the breathtaking building goes a long way to explaining why. Set amidst tranquil greenery beside an eye-catching fountain the area does not want for photo-opportunities. The building’s interior is similarly impressive, with a grand hall capable of seating around 180 guests.

This is one of the reasons why Thomas Prior Hall was awarded the prestigious WeddingsOnline.ie Leinster Hotel Venue of the Year 2012/13. The prestigious building and its idyllic atmosphere is great for memorable days on an impressive scale.

Quality and convenience

If you are looking to enjoy a marriage day which blends style and convenience then here at Radisson Blu Ireland we can also help you with your wedding trip to Dublin. We’ve got three locations across the city from luxurious downtown locations to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport and they all have the quality service that can help make your wedding a success.

Getting your accommodation in the same venue as your wedding is taking place is a great way to simplify the organisation of your wedding. That doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the quality of your wedding though.

Our Royal Hotel and St Stephen’s Hotel both offer stunning buildings, great wedding facilities and a welcoming, professional service. Meanwhile, our Dublin Airport hotel is as convenient as can be for international travellers in town for the wedding.

Going wild at your wedding

Our final recommendation is a bit of a wild card option – literally. Dublin Zoo is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing crowds of animal loving visitors from around the world. However, in recent years the zoo has become a big hit with couples who want to get married in a more unusual location.

Haughton House is the wedding venue on the grounds of the zoo, an attractive building in the heart of the many animal attractions. Although this building itself is a great location for a wedding, and well-equipped for your big day, the animals of the park take top billing.

From orang-utans to peacocks and elephants, the cast of animals in the zoo is undoubtedly impressive. Wedding parties getting married at the unusual venue can arrange to have photos taken with some of the animals – providing some unforgettable mementos of your big day.

Getting hitched in Ireland: some things to consider

Before you start ordering your wedding bouquet and sending out your wedding invitations you should take some time to look at the rules attached to getting married in Ireland. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information out there which can give you information about marriage procedures in Ireland.

Familiarising yourself with the rules and regulations is a great first step towards preparing for your wedding in Dublin but the next step is far more enjoyable. What better way to scout out potential wedding locations than by enjoying a few holidays in Ireland? Dublin is full of fantastic venues so come over and start the journey towards your big day in the best way possible.

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