Gourmet Meets Bistro

Dirty French—Pour votre plaisir

Football fans everywhere have got something to cheer about this year: the Euro 2016 tournament in France is just around the corner. And, of course, we want to make sure you don't miss out on this highlight when spending time in our meeting and events area. That's why we've added a fifth member to our Food Trends family this year. Let's hear it for our latest addition to the family - Dirty French!



It's the greatest love story ever told: France & food

"Les Bleus" don't just know how to kick a ball. They are, of course, also known around the world for having the most inspirational cuisine in Europe. For the French, the culinary arts are just that: an art form, where food blends seamlessly with their cultural values, their symbols and their national identity. And, of course, this idea of food as an art form has been reflected for centuries in the classic French dishes. So much so, that in 2010, French cuisine was the first national cuisine elevated to the pinnacle of recognition by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage!

dirty french 3


A delicious New French Revolution

With a new style that fits perfectly into the age of fusion cuisine, this intangible cultural heritage has reinvented itself, again. With a brief nod to the spirit of "Bistro" or "Food to Go", this "New French Revolution" has brought a breath of fresh air to fine gourmet cuisine. And our hotels are at center stage! Because this mouth-watering blend of gourmet and bistro is a perfect addition to our Food Trends family, you can now enjoy and savor the "Dirty French" experience live, in a select number of our Radisson Blu Hotels. Either in the meeting areas during functions or events, or in our hotel bars during Euro 2016. Speaking of hotel bars: to really enjoy an exciting football evening French-style, try our extravagant Dirty French cocktails. May we suggest our creations "French Toast" or “Cold French." They fit the occasion much better than a beer. Santé!



Bon Appetit!  

Fast, Fancy and French is the motto we've chosen for our new Food Trend. How would you like to enjoy a delicious bouillabaisse, a baguette with salami sticks or a delicate chocolate soufflé for lunch? We can help you give your event a charming French feel, to inspire your colleagues and stimulate their taste buds. Let us be your host on a trip to the country that has more kinds of cheese than there are days in the year!

dirty french

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