Green spaces make merry faces in Vondel Park

Leave behind the busy tourist areas and attraction queues and slip into another side of Amsterdam. Vondel Park offers relaxation and tranquility in the nation’s most-loved green space.

Oud West is a well established area of the city, away from the main tourist areas, but still close to the city center. Here in this residential area you can get a feel for real city life. You will never get bored of viewing row upon row of beautiful canal-side houses, or canal boats as you stroll the leafy sidewalks. As you wander, take time to visit one of the many cafés and boutiques along the way. When in Oud West one must-see is Vondel Park, the city’s largest and most-loved recreational area. From the Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam, Oud West and the park are just a 30 minute walk or you can jump on a tram.

Introducing Vondel Park

If you like nothing better than to amble amidst green lawns, willowing trees, flowers and ponds, then make your way to Vondel Park. You can spend hours strolling along the walking trails. If you prefer to join the locals on two wheels, then hire a bike from Bike City at the nearby Bloemgracht and make your way to the park. Vondel Park welcomes over ten million visitors each year and is the most famous park in all of the Netherlands, but it is always possible to find your own tranquil corner. It opened to the public in 1865 and has since been a hangout for all ages.

Weeping trees over a lake in Vondel Park


Tulips in spring, and more

No matter what time of year you visit the park, it provides a vibrant splash of color. But spring is especially nice when the tulips emerge after the winter months and come into full bloom. You’ll find this symbol of the Netherlands dotted around the park. Other than flowers, many tree species populate the area, some of them as old as the park itself. Here you can discover horse chestnut, Dutch red chestnut and birches to name a few. The park is also teeming with birdlife and it is not uncommon to see ducks and herons on the ponds.

Tulips at the bandstand in Vondel Park

The Blue Teahouse

The park offers entertainment year round, including concerts and outdoor films. It was even the venue of the world’s largest picnic in 2009, which made it into the Guinness Book of Records. One of the most popular meeting places is ‘T Blauwe Theehuis (The Blue Teahouse). The 700 seater terrace offers beautiful park views and is the ideal people-watching spot. Their big outdoor screen often displays sporting championships or major events, or outdoor movie screenings in the summer.

T Blauwe Theehuis in Vondel Park Amsterdam

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