Get the most out of group tours in Stockholm with an insider´s perspective

Stockholm group tours

Stockholm's well-known treasures include idyllic islands and magnificent cathedrals, but that's barely scraping the surface. Natalie O'Sullivan, founder of Stockholm Our Way, shares her expert insights on navigating Sweden's capital.

The best of the best

The Vasa Museum and City Hall rank at the top of Natalie's list of must-see places. "The Vasa Museum offers a 'wow' experience, and the City Hall is like one big surprise," she says. Situated on the island of Djurgården, Vasa is a maritime museum named for its hallmark holding, a 17th-century ship that sank on its maiden voyage, but was raised in 1961 and meticulously restored. The museum also exhibits more than 40,000 objects that were found surrounding the sunken ship. As one of Stockholm's most recognizable structures, the City Hall stands out for its art, history and magnificent party halls.

Stockholm group tours

"There is a reason why these are two of the city's most visited attractions!" says Natalie. "If you have visited both of these places, we think you as a visitor can say, with pride, that you have been to Stockholm."

"If you like art," she adds, "we also have a special place in our hearts for Fotografiska." Since opening its doors in 2010, it has become one of the finest centers for contemporary photography in and around Stockholm, offering exhibits, classes and even concerts.

Districts to visit

"Really, we are spoilt to live in such a beautiful city," Natalie says. "We adore the Old Town, the historical heart of Stockholm, with all the history that is found there. Through stories and legends we paint pictures of what life in Stockholm used to be like, and we share both the good and the bad."

Stockholm group tours

"Riddarholmen is not visited by many," Natalie says of the lesser-known part of the Old Town, where you'll find private palaces and the burial grounds of Swedish royals. "But we make a point of taking our guests out on this island, as the view of the lake side of the city is unbeatable."

"On the topic of views, Södermalm is another place that we very much enjoy," she continues. "This is also a great place to talk about Stockholm as it is today." You can drive to this laid-back, trendy enclave in around 10 minutes from our Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Stockholm.

Strolling through Stockholm

"If we had time to do only one thing in Stockholm, we would walk through the city," Natalie says. "We would walk to the Old Town for history, catch the Djurgården Ferry to the island of Djurgården for nature, walk back via Strandvägen for stunning architecture and through the city center to catch the city's pulse. A walk will give you a nice overview and lots of great photos!"

"Stockholm has something for everyone – architecture, design, fashion, nature, history, culture and customs, not to forget great culinary experiences," she says. "The city caters to the young, the old and everyone in between. As the city is quite small, it is easy accessible and a lot can be seen and done in just a couple of days."

"There are also the wonderful Swedes," she adds. "Most of them will jump at the opportunity of speaking English and will therefore welcome you and help you find your way."

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