A guide to the friendly Finnish town of Tampere

With more than 200,000 inhabitants Tampere is a large city by Finnish standards, but it has managed to keep its charming small town feel nevertheless. Find out below what makes this friendly Nordic town worth a visit!

Europe's largest lake district

Tampere lake-nasijarvi-84172

Located just in between two beautiful lakes, the city occupies an extraordinary scenic spot. What's more: The lakes are part of the largest lake region in the whole of Europe! Discover the beautiful lake landscapes on a peaceful row boat trip, a cruise, or even from a sightseeing bus.

Architecture and culture in Pispala


Pispala is a unique architectural area of well-preserved small wooden houses resting on the slope of an ancient glacial ridge just 2.5 kilometres outside of Tampere. Once low-cost living quarters for factory workers and artists, it is now a high-end residential area where many well-known Finnish artists and celebrities have lived.
Rdb Grand Hotel Tammer city view

Up for a trip to Tampere and discovering a typical, laid-back Finnish town? Then the new Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer (pictured above) will provide the perfect homebase for you.

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