A guide to getting cozy in Stavanger

Source: Bøker & Børst Arne Bru Haug

If your stay in Stavanger is all about breaking away and recharging, then this guide to staying snug in the city will fill you with warmth and have you feeling brand new.

Whether your trip to Stavanger is business or pleasure, you can turn it into a refreshing experience of calm afternoons and slow strolls through forgotten times. The city has a quaint old town and many special spots to get cozy. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy each place as we guarantee the atmosphere at these stores and in these streets will have you wishing for an hour extra.

Step through the 18th century

Norwegian architecture

The alluring streets of the Old Town, known as Gamle Stavanger, will have you feeling warm inside. The cobble stone roads are lined with the largest surviving wooden settlement in Northern Europe. With almost 200 white cottages, some dating back to 300 years ago, this little section of the city will gives the impression of being on a Hollywood set. The area is clean and charming and gives visitors insight into how Norwegians once lived.

To add to the experience you will fall upon an old canning factory at the end of the street. In the late 1800s until the mid 1900s canning was the city’s largest industry. Once the factory was closed down it was turned into a museum in order to preserve an important part of Stavanger’s history. Go in for a look and check out how the workers would take the fish, prepare it and can it. If you are lucky, the ovens will be on and you can taste some freshly baked sardines or fish balls.

Get cozy in these must-stop spots

Stavanger, Boker og borst store front

Source: Pauline den Hartog Jager/Monocle. Bøker & Børst

To get comfortable with a coffee in hand, rugged up with a blanket and a book or to be surrounded by chocolate head to Øvre Holmegate. This colorful street is an attraction in itself and a must stop spot on your search for snugness. For those wanting a place to sit outside while they read or watch the day pass by, order a coffee or tea at Bøker & Børst. This wonderfully unique coffee shop also has an incredible selection of over 100 beers for those who want something a little stronger. Visitors and locals come here for the atmosphere while they soak up the sun with their partners or friends.

A little farther along the street you will find a chocolate café that would have Willy Wonka smiling. The tantalizing treats at Sjokoladepiken will make all visitors leave any health resolutions at the door. Small handmade treats are for sale to take home, or you can sit with a warming hot chocolate or chilled glass of wine as you munch away on their delicious cakes. Sjokoladepiken can get a little crowded as people pour in to sit with a coffee and a plate of chocolates while rugged up on the terrace. So if there aren’t any spots available, grab a little goodie bag and take it with you as you continue to wander through the streets.

When the sun is out see the swords

Stavaner, Swords in stone

When researching the city, you will almost certainly come across images of three gigantic swords set into stone dramatically breaking up the skyline. The Swords in Stone are a monument to the battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 and stand for peace and unification. These ten meter bronze towers are certainly worth the visit, however when on the way, make sure to check out the surrounding area Møllebukta. This is one of the most popular recreational areas for locals due to the wonderful nature found here. Pack a picnic and spend a day lounging on the grassy slopes surrounding the beach with the swords in the background.

Stavanger is a city full of small surprises and hidden experiences. There are so many ways to unwind here while at the same time discovering Norwegian culture. Stay a short walk to all you need for a perfect weekend at the Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger.

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