Hamburg´s Best Spots for Food and Drink

As Germany's second largest city, Hamburg is the main business hub in Northern Germany and home to a multitude of international companies and consulates. Those travelling to the city on business can look forward to sampling its rich culture, particularly its food and drink. From seafood dishes to an annual wine festival, there's no shortage of great spots in which to get a flavor of the city!

A taste of the sea

Hamburg is the second largest port in Europe, thanks to the river Elbe which carves its way inland and connects the city to the North Sea. It's no surprise therefore, that seafood is a prominent feature in many dishes. Carp, for instance, is the star of the show in many Christmas dinners, whilst herring and smoked eel remain popular throughout the year. You'll find an array of seafood eateries across the city, but few can match Das Weisse Haus (The White House) for authenticity and flavor. Sandwiched between two grand residential homes, this converted fisherman's cottage overlooks the river Elbe. It is considered one of Hamburg's finest eateries, which is reflected in the demand for tables. Booking a month in advance is advisable, although lunch reservations tend to be easier to come by.

Hamburg view over Elbe river

Bullerei: A carnivore's paradise

Bullerei is owned by German TV chef Tim Malzer and serves up the city's finest meat dishes. It's conveniently located in the Sternschanze district just a short distance from our Radisson Blu Hotel Hamburg, so after your meal at Bullerei, you can head back to the hotel for a good night's sleep. The restaurant's building itself is a former livestock hall, and its bright, open-plan interior consisting of bricks and pipes give it a rustic feel. The food is the main attraction of course, so prepare for the ultimate meat feast. Large cuts of tender steak and pork are cooked to perfection on the grill, with a variety of creative side dishes to match. Finally, loosen up your belt buckle and round off the feast with a scoop or two of cardamom ice cream. Attentive service and a lively atmosphere make it a great place in which to entertain clients, or to simply treat yourself to something special.

Stuttgarter Weinfest

Refreshment of the liquid variety is easy to come by in Hamburg, the city also hosts its own annual wine festival. For two weeks during the summer, the annual Stuttgarter Wine Festival sweeps the square in front of Hamburg's town hall. Wooden barrels, grapevines and over 100 stalls turn the area into a Wine Village renowned for its friendly atmosphere. In a tradition akin to Oktoberfest, servers dressed in traditional German attire deliver hundreds of different wines and delicious local food to hungry patrons. You can meander around the stalls sampling some of the flavorsome wines and even buying local arts and crafts. Live music plays throughout the day and into the evening, making it the perfect spot in which to sample German hospitality.

Stuttgarter Weinfest in Hamburg

Altes Mädchen

Altes Mädchen has easily become a favorite among casual drinkers and beer connoisseurs alike. Over 60 beer taps line the vast bar offering a mix of local and global beers. A menu bursting with great German pub food adds to the feel-good factor, whilst the décor is simply delightful. Wood is the name of the game, and with light wooden floors, walls, tables and booths perfectly complimented by low hanging lights and stylish bar stools. The laid back vibe makes for a lively yet relaxing atmosphere, popular with beer lovers of all ages.

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