Happy Birthday, Finland!

Finland’s big year 2017

2017 will be a very special year for all Finns: it marks the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence, which was finally reached on 6 December 1917 after quite a long struggle. It's the most significant commemorative year for the current generation of Finns, and accordingly it will be welcomed with a big bang. The centenary celebrations under the name "Finland 100" will already begin at the start of 2017 and culminate in the week around Independence Day. The diverse and exciting program full of highlighting Finnish culture, sports, and history makes 2017 the ideal time to visit this beautiful country in the North of Europe! You can check out the full event calendar here.

Soudut_Juha Metso

The party of the (new) century

To kick off the birthday celebrations, the Finnish capital Helsinki will host a gigantic opening ceremony on New Year's Eve that is free to the public and will of course be broadcasted live on televison. The party starts around noon near Helsinki’s Töölönlahti Bay and later moves on to Kansalaistori Square, where party animals can celebrate till 01:00 am. Expect an historical and unforgettable evening with a great program in the heart of Finland’s capital – even the main street, Mannerheimintie, will turn into a giant dancefloor!

Keikalla - Juha Metso

So join the celebration and discover Finland - the Radisson Blu Hotels in Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere and Turku are at the heart of the action throughout this exciting year.

Photographs by Juha Metso

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