Have a dream day at Bolshoi Theater


Time for a vacation that will enlighten and delight you? Head to Moscow and be transported through ballet, opera and music at the Bolshoi Theater.

Welcome to one of the most magical theaters in the world, Bolshoi Theater. This ageless place for dance, song and all things creative will inspire those clouds in your thoughts to clear into something beautiful. When watching a performance here you are bound to be moved, so remember to book yourself some tickets when planning a trip Moscow.

A symbol for Russia

maid-of-orleans concert at Bolshoi Theatre

© Damir Yusupov/Bolshoi Theater

The Bolshoi Theater is a symbol of Russian culture and history. The structure was built in 1856 but it can be traced back to 1776 when Catherine II granted a prince the privilege of maintaining a theater. Since this time, the city has been granted not only incredible entertainment in the form of dance and opera, but also a significant monument that stands tall for all of Russia.

Bolshoi Theatre

© Damir Yusupov/Bolshoi Theater

As this is such an important piece of the city’s culture, the theater makes every effort to be accessible to all. 20% of all tickets are sold at student or discounted prices to make sure there is space for the young generation and those may not be able to afford a full price ticket. The rhythms of Bolshoi are for everyone so if you are heading to Moscow and want to experience a piece of magic, then this is the place to be.

Performances for 2016

Woman ballet dancer at Bolshoi Theatre

© Damir Yusupov/Bolshoi Theater

Let music send you floating through clouds as figures move like streams flowing across the stage. Fluid and graceful, the dancers here will sweep you into a tangible daydream during their performances. In 2016, there are a number of classical and new acts including Ivan the Terrible Ballet, Philharmonic Orchestra Bolshoi Theater, The Sleeping Beauty, The Taming of the Shrew and many more. Children can come and watch performances too such as The Fables of The Viken, The Duckling and Balda.

Bolshoi Theatre Children's play

© Damir Yusupov/Bolshoi Theater

The structure


© Damir Yusupov/Bolshoi Theater

An evening at this incredible institution of art is sure to excite your imagination in more ways than one. Not only are the performances mind blowing, when attending an act at the historical stage you cannot ignore the incredible architecture. Pillars, statues and painstakingly intricate details cover the facade promising to deliver an even more magnificent sight for those who step inside. If you want to admire the beauty of the building and get some more information about it, then join a guided tour. English tours start at 12:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and take about an hour.

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