The Highlights of Belgian Cuisine

Belgian food is said to be served in the quantity of German cuisine, but with the quality of French food. True or not, Belgium’s treats are definitively worth sticking your teeth into.
Belgium. This incredible country next to Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and France, has many exciting influencers when it comes to perfecting its cuisine. The result is an intriguing journey into discovering the highlights of the Belgian kitchen. You will find many distinctive national dishes, as well as popular international cuisine. Sometimes, they are even combined.
When you visit Spa, make sure you sample the following dishes:
Chicon Au Gratin - Gegratineerde witloof
The traditional potato gratin is only a mere shadow compared to its Belgian twin. This typical gratin dish made of endives, often wrapped in ham, is topped with béchamel sauce and blanketed in melted cheese will make your taste buds dance the tango in pure joy.
Moules-frites – Mosselen-friet
You never saw the big connection between a big bowl of freshly steamed mussels and a plate of Belgian fries? Give it a try, but remember to dip the fries in the white wine broth at the bottom of the bowl. It is a surprisingly tasty combination. This recipe has been referred to as the national dish, but is also quite popular with their neighbors, north of France.
Boudin Blanc – Witte Pens
Taste this white sausage made with milk, and the delicate flavor will change the way you feel about sausages forever. Forget buying hot dogs, from now on you will dream of this Belgian delicacy. Served with mashed potatoes, or apple compote. Mmm!
Belgian fries
Deep-fried chipped potatoes are said to have originated from Belgium. Although being known as “French fries” in the US, it is argued that American soldiers coming back from the First World War believed to be served this dish in France. However they came about, one thing is for sure, you will find many fast food stands and restaurants, called friteries, in Belgium. While the UK has their ‘fish & chips’ traditionally served in newspaper wrappings, here you get your potatoes neatly placed in a ‘cornet de frites’, a cone shaped white piece of cardboard. You can choose from a large selection of sauces for dipping, but it is never wrong with just mayonnaise.
Belgian chocolate
If your mouth is not already watering just by reading about all these dishes, then it will now. Wait until you try the delicious chocolates Belgium has to offer. They are world-famous for their high quality chocolate and ornate detail. This small country has over 2000 chocolatiers. 172,000 tons of chocolate is produced every year. Thanks to a law from 1884 that regulates the composition of chocolate, everything is of top notch quality. Make sure you pick up some sweet treats. Particularly popular with tourists and locals alike, are seafood pralines, which you can find all over the country.
The waffles…
You simply cannot go to Belgium without having the original waffles. They are unlike any other waffle you have ever tasted before. The most common type is the Liege waffle. Since it is made of buttery brioche dough and chunks of pearl sugar that actually caramelize on the crust, it is known to be richer and denser than other type, but is absolutely delicious.
These are just some of the highlights from Belgian cuisine. Take your time to eat through the complex and varied menus. If you are traveling to the Ardennes region, the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Spa is the ideal to start your culinary journey. It is located next to Les Thermes de Spa and across the street you find Europe’s oldest casino. It goes without saying, that the in-house restaurant serves you your hearts desires of traditional Belgian, as well as international cuisine.
What is your favorite Belgian dish?

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