How to get active in Jeddah´s desert


Any time of year is perfect to head outdoors and enjoy the desert in and around Jeddah. From 4x4 adventures to camel tours and safaris, come enjoy the desert lifestyle.

The city hosted its first international 4x4 motor show in February 2016, drawing more enthusiasm and attention to the many ways visitors and locals can enjoy Jeddah's desert terrain. Next time you’re in Jeddah, take in the scenery on a desert safari or go for a thrilling dune-bashing adventure.

4x4 Motor Show

The rugged desert landscape is an inextricable part of Jeddah, which explains why the city was the perfect place for this year’s first-ever 4x4 Motor Show. The event, largely dedicated to the growing interest and demand of 4x4 vehicles in and around Jeddah, was held from February 18-21 in the Jeddah Center for Forums and Events, just outside the city's primary business center. Visitors enjoyed an interactive exhibit while learning more about the various types and brands of 4x4 vehicles. For many exhibitors, the platform was a tremendous opportunity to introduce new models and products to the general public.

Conquering the dunes


As the popularity of 4x4 vehicles continues to rise in Jeddah, so does the interest in dune bashing. This sport involves heading off-road with a capable vehicle for a ride over the sand dunes. Tourists and locals alike take part in dune bashing, which requires adequate off-roading skills for successfully conquering the dunes at various angles. Dune buggies are available for those looking for a less intense experience, while some enthusiasts prefer to face Jeddah's dunes on a motorcycle. Our Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah, is situated in Jeddah's lively business area, just a short journey away from some of the area's best desert adventures.

Desert adventure

desert safari is a fun and unique way to experience the Arab culture. Opt for half-day safari and expect an array of activities involving anything from sand skiing to sampling traditional Saudi food and learning about area folklore. Many rides are long enough to give you plenty of time to soak in the surrounding scenery and landscape. Jeddah's agreeable year-round temperatures make it a convenient location for a desert safari any time you choose to visit.

Camel rides


If you want to see Jeddah's desert at a more leisurely pace but prefer not to do the walking, head out on a camel ride across the landscape. Camels are quite popular in Jeddah and it's easy to find a tour that suits your needs. Hop onto the back of an opulently decorated one-humped camel and prepare for an unforgettable ride. Try booking a tour in the popular Corniche area, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking sea views.

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