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We have all heard of or have been inspired by the success story of Humans of New York. Behind all those stories are special people, amazing lives and great hearts! This is a piece around Humans of Brussels. At the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Brussels we think our staff is an inspiration too. Their feelings, their lives, their values, their careers and their hopes have an impact on how they work, behave and react. Let’s take a closer look and hear what these men and women have to say.

Humans of Radisson Blu Royal Brussels

Meet Khatim and Kevin, part of our banqueting teams:

portraits of banquet staff in radisson blu royal brussels


I used to study accounting and got a degree in it. In parallel I also had the chance to work in a restaurant, my first job in hospitality. This was the first time I felt truly empowered as an employee. I remember it like it was yesterday when one of my colleagues told me that the job fitted me like a glove. I started at the Royal a few years back in the banquet department with a temporary contract. My attention to detail, passion for guests and personal ambition to always give my best helped me understand and realize how beautiful this job is.

Khatim – banqueting

It’s not always easy to find the right balance between work and family, especially when days are long. So when I come home, I try to enjoy as much as I can with my children.

Kevin – banqueting

Meet Mohamet and Cedric, respectively in restaurant and engineering teams:

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Working here is great, you can feel a good atmosphere, there’s respectful relations between colleagues. Ah, and that nice compensation at the end of the month helps too!

Mohamet – restaurant team

I got 2 passions in life - my job as a technician and music, for good vibes.

Cédric – technician

Meet Nel and Vassili from the Sales department:

portraits of radisson blu royal humans sales departments


Brussels is a multicultural city, nothing is fixed, everything is in movement! Travelling makes me feel free. I had the chance to discover so many amazing places around the world but Brussels remains the city where I belong!

Nel – Corporate Cluster Sales Manager

I believe that the ultimate skill of a sales person is to remain authentic. A smart sales person listens to emotions not facts!

Vassili – Sales Manager – Governments & Associations

Meet De Chen from housekeeping:

housekeeping staff portrait


How to define housekeeping in one sentence? No one notices when you do it but everyone notices when you don’t.

De Chen - Housekeeping team

A General Manager with a passion for people

radisson blu royal portrait of the general manager gaston gellens


I started my mission at the Royal in February 2011 - this hotel being my second home since then. I’ve seen the Radisson Blu Royal become a reference in Brussels and I am very proud of the team and the work they have accomplished throughout the years! I truly hope you will like their stories, and don’t forget that a story shared is a message multiplied!

Gaston Gellens – General Manager


Everyone has a story, and it is a pleasure to share with you those from the Radisson Blu Royal Brussels. Our people are what truly make our hotels exceptional, and they are the ones who've helped make the Radisson Blu Brussels a winner of the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award for several consecutive years.

Eager to meet the souls and persons behind those portraits? Come say hi in Brussels! The teams will be delighted to have you!

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