In Pursuit of the Coveted Michelin Star in Prague

I am overjoyed that we have successfully managed to maintain our Michelin star rating for 2016. This helps us to keep living our dream…


Our pursuit of the star was successful again this year! Roman Paulus, the Czech chef at the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague,  supported by his passionate team, has successfully managed to secure the coveted Michelin star again this year. For the fifth year in a row, "The Alcron" restaurant was awarded the accolade for its fantastic seafood creations with a distinctive local touch.




But what is the background to these prestigious Michelin stars?

The Michelin star is an international hallmark of dining excellence and restaurant chefs will give absolutely anything to get their hands on one! TheMichelin star story began back in 1920 when the Michelin brothers first began to include restaurants in their travel guidebook, the "Michelin Guide". Using their own classification system (1-3 stars), this was the first time that restaurants in different regions of France were given a ranking. 6 years later, the first chefs and restaurants were presented with this award of excellence. Over the years, the "Michelin Star" has become established in France and beyond its borders and to receive one is still considered a major honour. These are not stars that can be purchased or otherwise obtained on subscription. The only way you get one is by earning it. With hard work and consistent culinary excellence they can be awarded repeatedly, as is the case with Roman Paulus, who has earned one for the past 5 years now!

Attention all gourmets

"The Alcron" is a top-quality restaurant and has been around almost as long as the Michelin star itself! It first opened its doors as far back as 1932 and quickly became a hotspot for well-known writers, cabaret stars and top sports personalities. If you happen to be in Prague and would like to treat yourself to delicacies such as scallops with carrot and saffron purée, tuna sashimi with tapioca, daikon and parsley mayonnaise, then you simply must pay a visit toThe Alcron!


If any of you would prefer to try your hand yourself, you can join one of the exclusive culinary courses held at the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague! Because let's face it: how often do you get the chance to practise your own culinary skills in an authentic Michelin-starred restaurant?

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