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As one of the world's leading hotel brands, we’re passionate about first-class, dynamic design: Daring and innovative lobbies, beautiful guest rooms inspired by the world of fashion, and modern, flexible, inspiring event spaces. The world’s best architects, designers and stylists have come together in the design of Radisson Blu Hotels to satisfy the expectations of business and leisure travelers alike.

Let’s see how the end result looks...

Design alone is not enough

A good appearance alone does not make a concept successful, however. Radisson Blu creates inspiring living spaces that are also useful to guests. Iconic, modern comfort. With everything you need - such as fast, free internet or a first-class unique experience at the jaw-dropping Wine Tower at the Zurich Airport Hotel. Observe the goings-on. Be part of the action. Or simply prepare yourself calmly for your next meeting.

Radisson Blu Wine Tower

Innovative meeting rooms

For your next meeting: For meetings that are successful from the get-go, a pleasant atmosphere that encourages creativity and productivity is essential. Gone are the days of heavy curtains that drive the last bit of light out of stuffy meeting rooms. Instead, guests at Radisson Blu can enjoy as much fresh air and warm sunlight as they wish. A first-class view of the city and the harbor can be enjoyed by guests at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock from the panoramic roof terrace.

Radisson Blu Rostock

Calling all lateral thinkers

But there’s also room for lateral thinking! In the Brain Box, a space that touches all the senses, your creativity can be set free. This uniquely designed meeting space is an exclusive innovation by Radisson Blu and can be viewed as the ultimate think tank. With inspiring colors with Swiss design flair in Basel, writable walls in Cologne and flexible furniture in Frankfurt, creativity is stimulated and active participation is inspired.

Radisson Blu

Innovative design, a creative atmosphere and outstanding expertise help to create innovative meetings for every customer. Radisson Meetings with Radisson Blu.

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