What happens when innovative design meets business?

Business travel can be exhausting for the most seasoned business traveler - even without the accompanying meetings, conferences and networking sessions. When you add uncomfortable meeting rooms, a poor selection of food options, and technical issues into the mix, you get a business traveler’s nightmare. Read on to learn more on how our hotels are combining technology and unparalleled service to ensure your next meeting is as smooth as possible.

Hybrid Meetings

Radisson Blu offers the perfect blend of stylish design and innovative technology required to plan effective and engaging meetings and events. With Hybrid Meetings, our innovative solution for one-of-a-kind events using top-notch in-room technology, you'll have access to high-speed internet, modern venues in top locations and a clean and safe environment. Contact us and find the perfect venue for you and your attendees.

virtual-meetingsNatural Daylight

Natural daylight and fresh air have been known to increase energy and concentration levels, so why do so many meeting rooms come without air conditioning and windows? In order to keep meeting participants energized and focused, you should always opt for a meeting room with natural daylight and fresh air. Plus, if the meeting room comes with great views, people will already feel excited upon entering the room! Another way to get meeting participants excited could entail riding an elevator through the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium, which you can experience at the stylish Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin.

Lobby Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin with AquaDomFood Selection

Do you usually get croissants, sweets or snacks during meetings? Well, however tasty these treats may be, they don’t always have a positive impact. Eating the right types of food can help boost your concentration and energy levels – as well as overall brain power by up to 20%. So, are you ready to retire the croissants and bring some superfoods to your next meeting? Try our impressive menu made up of superfoods that are sure to keep you feeling full, alert and efficient. Definitely something to look forward to after a long meeting!


Design and Technology

Nothing drains your creativity faster than sitting in an all-white meeting room filled with the same dull meeting furniture. If you need to do some creative thinking in a meeting, you should look for meeting rooms specifically designed to spark your creativity. At Radisson Blu, we have designed specific Brain Box spaces, which are brightly-colored, break-out rooms that are sure to get you into a creative mood. You are even allowed to draw on the walls in these rooms! Take advantage of our Brain Box at Radisson Blu hotels that offer Radisson Meetings, like the impressive Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt. All of the meeting rooms at Radisson Blu hotels feature the latest audiovisual technology and complimentary, high-speed Wi-Fi. At select hotels, you can even find the most innovative technology that will make your meetings feel fun. For example, some meeting spaces feature the DigiChart, a smart board that allows you store notes from the whiteboard directly onto your computer with just one click, and the MultiPad, a 55” touch-pad tablet that can be used for video conferencing, presentations, or as a whiteboard.

RDBLU Frankfurt 2016-LOWRES-13

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