Innovative Technology for Successful Meetings

Innovative Blu - From Digichart and Multipad to our OneTouch App

Copying notes or printing event agendas? Sounds really old fashion. Being with … means nowadays using the latest technology. After all, who doesn’t want to make his or her event something special or unique and thereby work as efficiently as possible? When it comes to technological innovation in the meetings and events business, Radisson Blu has always been a leader. As very first hotel chain, we provide our hotel and conference guests with free Internet for more than 10 years now. Of course, we also care about speed and efficiency: 100Mbits is the minimum requirement and in many of our hotels you can surf with 500Mbits! You can also find the latest generation of video, lighting and conference installations in our Radisson Blu Hotels as part of the Radisson Meetings concept. So, literally every event is a highlight.



Digichart - Digitize your notes with a single click

No more time-consuming typing up of notes or photocopying and scanning of large-format flip charts? Sure, that's easy with the Digichart! With just one click you can get rid of the copying and virtually share ideas in real time via plug & play as well as collaborate with others. The Digichart allows any notes or ideas written on a flip chart to be captured instantly on your PC and sent out via email within seconds. From Warsaw to Basel, Rostock and Bucharest - digitalize your notes easily with this innovative solution.



Multipad - Interactive Mega-Tablet

Presentations, video conferences, whiteboard and more ... Multipad combines the performance and flexibility of an integrated PC with a big touchscreen in one elegant device - an interactive Mega-Tablet with 55 "1080p Full HD screen. You can work with several programs, present various documents, formats and frame materials via touch and exchange, save and send notes via email. And thanks to real-time sharing access your meetings reach from Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt or Cologne to Zurich.



One Touch App – Up-to-date events always ready at hand

Smart customers are the always up to date. Our One Touch app not only brings all the hotel services and the most important information about your event hotel directly to your phone, tablet or laptop. It brings all the key features of the event on your screen. A specially and individually created page for your event within the app, allows you and all your participants to have everything ready at hand. From the agenda, featured presentations, participant or guest speaker lists including contact details to initiated surveys, sweepstakes or feedback forms that call the participants to be active in the app: our One Touch app is the ideal companion for every event! Always at hand, always up-to-date and of course paperless and therefore environmental- friendly. And the best, our hotels take care that your app is fed with all relevant and updated information in real time! We are sure, your meeting participants will be hAPPy!


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